Horseradish – A Fiery Herb

Many people don`t enjoy their roast beef without horseradish sauce. The horseradish is a plant of Mars, the fiery planet of war, so no wonder it is hot! Plant it in your garden and unless you keep it under control it will over run everything. It stimulates the appetite and helps the liver to work well, so add it to salads whenever you can.

The Romanies knew nothing of bacteria and germs, but they knew by instinct and their own lore that horseradish had strong antiseptic qualities, so give it a regular place in your diet. Add it to mayonnaise, tomato juice and to cheese spreads.

More about horseradish:

  • Common Names: Horseradish
  • Latin Name: Armoracia rusticana
  • Parts Used: Root and leaves
  • Cultivation: Horseradish grows best in moist, rich, heavy soil with a pH of 6.8, in full sun. It is a perennial hardy to zone 5.

Culinary Uses: Horseradish is probably best known as the spicy condiment made by mixing grated fresh horseradish root with vinegar or mayonnaise. You can also add the young leaves sparingly to salads.

Magickal Uses: Sprinkle dried, powdered horseradish around your house to repel evil and negate any spells against you.

Medicinal Uses: Horseradish is one of the more potent herbal diuretics, and as such is used to treat kidney disease. It stimulates the digestion. Use it externally as a compress for neuralgia, joint stiffness, and rheumatism.

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