Gypsy Spell To Make A Wish Come True

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On the day of the new moon, write your wish on a sheet of clean paper, then light a new, white votive candle. At this point turn off any artificial lighting that may be on.

For ten minutes, enjoy the flame’s glow and think about the fulfillment of your wish. Then say:

“As I sleep tonight,
may the divine power of spiritual love and light grant my wish.”

While concentrating on your wish, burn the piece of paper in the flame. Leave the votive candle to burn out. Repeat the spell at the same time on twelve consecutive nights. If you miss a night, begin the spell from day one.

From: The Good Spell Book

14 Responses to Gypsy Spell To Make A Wish Come True

  • Woh I enjoy your content, saved to bookmarks!

  • I want to wish i get my job back anfd my boss give me my raise and vacation pay

    • I wish that we can find a doctor that will treat our pain with the medications that we want

    • I wish that those suffering from opioid addictions have their underlying cause which is causing the pain cured, that their unhealthy addiction is over, or that those selling the drugs find a better kinder way of earning money. And for these people to live loving more beautiful lives to make the world a safer place for the worlds children.

  • I have always loved to learn about gypsies for some reason I feel connected! I wish to ask for a wish for my daughter she is a kinder teacher and last year she had to retire because she got sick and could not take the principals abuse anymore later in the summer she was lucky to get a job at another school but now they say they have to let go of a teacher because they don’t meet the numbers of students and since she is the last one they want to send her back to the same school where the principal is so abusive! I don’t want her to get sick again and wish a miracle for her to stay where she is at right now as soon as possible! Thank you very very much

  • Miss b died of melting syndrome and longen died of haed like that look like my draem mach Ross to love me and haed like that thow up toote is real and cartoon characters to love me and talk to me

  • My first wish is that Natasha Romanoff was real, and would be my first girlfriend forever.
    My second wish is that Chip Douglas from The Cable Guy was real, and would be my new best friend forever.

  • Kan jeg bli sammen med eb fattig stor eller liten storbrysten kvinne fra,romani som trenger meg lengter

  • I wish to be meet,an big fat bysty fat wome from 60/85- to love an poorwomen to marrid me ,

  • Kan jeg bli sammen med eb fattig stor eller liten storbrysten kvinne romania eller ett annet land som er underdanig å fattig å blir min

  • I wish, I lost weight so my body will be fit. I am so tired of hating myself and being disgusted of what I see in the mirror.

  • I wish, I could pay off my debit and have no more money problems.

  • I can’t have kids any more. I wish to be able to have one more daughter.

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