The End of All Diets

Our tendency is to eat automatically, robot-like. If the taste is not lived, we are just stuffing. Go slow and be aware of the taste. Only when you go slow can you be aware. Taste the food unhurriedly and become the taste. When you feel sweetness, become the sweetness. Then it can be felt all over the body, spreading in ripples.

When and Where:

Whatsoever and whenever you are eating, feel the taste and become the taste. When drinking water, feel the coolness. Close your eyes, drink it slowly, taste it.


With this technique your sensitivity grows, and you become more alive and more filled. Stuffing disappears as the whole of your body feels
filled. The more sensitive you are the more alive you are. When you are more alive, more life will enter your inner being. You will be more open.

Source: Pragito Dove

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"Diet has the distinction of being the only major determinant of health that is completely under your control. You have the final say over what does and what does not go into your mouth and stomach. You cannot always control the other determinants of health, such as the quality of the air you breathe, the noise you are subjected to, or the emotional climate of your suroundings, but you can control what you eat. It is a shame to squander such a good opportunity to influence your health." ~Andrew Weil, MD
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