Copal and Corn Divination

Copal is popular in magickal, healing and spiritual uses. It makes a great meditation incense and increases psychic insight. Inhaling its aroma is said to enhance the powers of clairvoyance. It is also used to provide systematic oracles.

Here is a method of divination by copal that comes from Guatemala:

  • Meditate on your question as you burn the copal incense.
  • Pass 14 kernels of corn through the smoke of the incense.
  • Toss the corn on the ground, then read and analyze the patterns made.

Source: Element Encyclopeida of 5000 Spells

One Response to Copal and Corn Divination

  • I a interested in doing corn divination. Can you recommend a book or article that explains the positions of where the corn lyes.

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