Casting The Future

Molybdomancy is a form of divination by molten metal. The idea being that the future can be divined, and answers can be obtained by studying the various shapes taken by metal when it is melted and cooled.

A simple example is as follows:

For this you need a little lead such as the sticks provided for use in soldering. Place a small piece of this in an old spoon and hold it over a hot flame until it melts. Then, thinking of the question you want answered, toss the molten lead into a metal bucket filled with water.

This produces a satisfying cloud of steam and when the lead is fished out it will have taken a strange shape in which all kinds of things can be read. If the shape provides no clear conclusion, then it can be held up in front of a candle and the shadow thrown on the wall can be further studied.

In Finland this is still carried out regularly and horse-shoe shaped ingots and special ladles can be found in market places at this time of year.

From: The Winter Solstice

Divination with Metals and Stones

This system is based on the concept that your connection with a particular stone or metal at times during your life reflects your need for its specific energy on the direction of your path.

Ancient diviners had splendid collections of stones and metals that they had the querist (the person questing for information) choose from. Today we may make our own collections, using samples found on our journey. It is not necessary to have fabulous, expensive stones and metal samples – rough uncut forms work quite effectively.

You may have the querist select three or four in order of preference, or just one to use for a specific question. You might also have them pick one for past, one to represent present, and one for future. If you work with the stones every day, you will begin to find your own best way to utilize them.

After a stone or metal has been selected, you might ask why that one seemed attractive in regard to the issue being discussed. If you do this before you interpret, you will find it amazing how many times the querist already “knows” the property of the stone and has chosen the exact one most needed at that time. You might also advise the querist to obtain a similar stone for use as a totem.

Traditional Meanings of Stones:

  • Amethyst: Rich stone of love, good fortune, and positive spiritual magick. Can indicate a new spiritual awakening.
  • Coral: Strong protection against all kinds of personal misfortunes. Can indicate deep emotional turbulence.
  • Diamond: Strong attraction to power, luxury, and wealth; also attracts friendships. Can indicate the strengthening of a relationship.
  • Emerald: Powerful stone for one’s present inner vision and psychic abilities. Can indicate negativity being averted.
  • Garnet: Stone of honesty, truth, purity, and compassionate benevolence. Can indicate overactive selflessness.
  • Jade: Sacred balancing stone for overall harmony and personal power. Can indicate a need for spiritual serenity.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Stone of connection to the spiritual realms, between the worlds. Can indicate strong spirit guides are present.
  • Moonstone: Stone of gentle passions and faithful supportive love. Can indicate a need for greater receptivity.
  • Opal: Somewhat tricky stone of mystical attunement and perceptive gifts. Can indicate superstitious beliefs.
  • Ruby: Regal stone of one’s present loyalty, faith, and powerful courage. Can indicate the quest of a spiritual warrior.
  • Sapphire: Powerful stone of synthesis, peace, harmony, and healing. Can indicate a need for magical studies.
  • Topaz: Active stone of protection, focus, and achievement of goals. Can indicate a need for self-confidence.
  • Turquoise: Soothing stone of personal peace, Nature wisdom, ideals. Can indicate scattered energies.

Traditional Meanings of Metals

  • Aluminum: Ingenuity, perception, creativity, and practical materialism. Can indicate a career change.
  • Copper: Self-healing abilities, inspirational gifts, friendly nature. Can indicate a need for flexibility.
  • Iron: Protective nature, strong supportive tendencies, willfulness. Can indicate possessiveness and pride.
  • Lead: Mystical tasks to be achieved, karmic debts to be balanced. Can indicate piety and martyrdom.
  • Silver: Receptivity, emotionality, psychic gifts, projecting power. Can indicate a secretive nature.
  • Tin: Friendliness, expansiveness, joyful tasks present, positive outlook. Can indicate an overactive ego.


The same meanings and significances apply if a specific stone or metal shows up unexpectedly in your own life, or if you feel a particular draw to a stone or metal.

Other stones and metals can be added to your collection as you discover the meanings and significance they hold. A good book for study is “Love is in the Earth” by Melody.

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