Taromancy – What is it?

Taromancy is the art of divination through the use of Tarot cards. It is the most common and popular way to predict future. It is easy too and everyone use this way, you don’t have to have special traits all you need is the willingness to honor and develop your natural intuition. It only requires a tarot deck.

The Tarot deck is a deck of 78 picture cards that has been used for centuries to reveal hidden truths. In the past few years, interest in the tarot has grown tremendously. More and more people are seeking ways to blend inner and outer realities so they can live their lives more creatively. They have discovered in the tarot a powerful tool for personal growth and insight. The tarot can help you understand yourself better and teach you how to tap your inner resources more confidently.

The origin of the tarot is a mystery. We do know for sure that the cards were used in Italy in the fifteenth century as a popular card game. Wealthy patrons commissioned beautiful decks, some of which have survived. The Visconti-Sforza, created in 1450 or shortly thereafter, is one of the earliest and most complete.

Later in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the cards were discovered by a number of influential scholars of the occult. These gentleman were fascinated by the tarot and recognized that the images on the cards were more powerful than a simple game would suggest.They revealed (or created!) the “true” history of the tarot by connecting the cards to Egyptian mysteries, Hermetic philosophy, the Kabbalah, alchemy, and other mystical systems.

The tarot is most commonly viewed as a tool for divination. A traditional tarot reading involves a seeker – someone who is looking for answers to personal questions – and a reader – someone who knows how to interpret the cards. After the seeker has shuffled and cut the deck, the reader lays out the chosen cards in a pattern called a spread. Each position in the spread has a meaning, and each card has a meaning as well. The reader combines these two meanings to shed light on the seeker’s question.

Source: Fortune Tellers

4 Responses to Taromancy – What is it?

  • Thank you for telling me what divination is!
    I couldn’t get a preacher to tell me.
    What is thought to affect the cards to make them play out how they do? Psychic energy, or what?
    So many like to pretend cards are nothing playing on the naivety of others, but they do have significance.

  • Uhhh, I wasn’t trying to post a comment, I was asking a question where I thought it was a contact page. Guess someone’s playing around with witchcraft again.

  • Now, I have another question.
    So many things are done in the Bible. Where like a fellow searching for a wife for another guy asked God if a woman is to be his, let her be doing this, then do this. It worked out like clock work.
    Apostles needed another apostle, they cast lots, appealing to God.
    Which many preachers will dismiss these things where they’re academic bullshit artists, pardon my expression, but I get repulsed by preachers that fulfill the prophecy, having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof. Where I’ve had answers before, where the answer was answered void of the possibility of human interference or effect.
    Which I suspect there’s powers of the devil/Satan and powers of God. Then there’s those who dabble with these things lightly from curiousity and amusement, who I guess I consider annoying.
    Otherwords, it’s evil when someone plays with such things for a form of power, interfering with another. Where personally I only ask God to answer, where he has control of the forces of the world. Satan does to as we see in Job.
    It’s over my head, but I believe in Gods’ power. I do question many things biblically, where even jews I suspect would avoid disrupting the comfort of belief some have been indoctrinated to.
    Like scrying, there’s be signs in the heavens. Just as the magi found Christ. But whoever wrote the article on scrying appeared nature like with respect as mentioned in the article.
    But I know jackasses that don’t have respect, where they’d dabble with such meddling with others, to do what they do best, be jackasses. Kind of like old timers talked about young punks, now some just call pukes. Which I’ve seen young punks get old and the only thing that changes is their age, becoming old punks.
    Pardon the rant, but others will abuse, misuse anything as well as anyone. But then there’s others as it appears, seems here to realize we are mortals and there are divine powers, good and evil.
    Where I’d like some feedback and input.
    Out of curiousity, has anyone, if they’ll mention it, seen Mysts or such?

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