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Apollo’s Grain Oracle

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Although he is most famous as the solar-affiliated lord of medicine, music and prophesy, in the guise of his familiar, a mouse, Apollo also guards grain. Through this venue, he provides another oracle. Once upon a time, this system of divination, known as “aleuromancy,” was available if one made a donation at Apollo’s shrine. This ancestor of the fortune cookie, is easily reproduced at home.

Whether this oracle tastes good or is even completely baked depends entirely on whether you plan to eat the oracle once its answer is received.

Here’s how it works:

Make a very simple bread dough from approximately one cup of flour, one egg, and one quarter cup of water. Write your choices or alternatives on slips of paper. Place each within a ball of dough. Each ball must appear reasonably identical. Bake these balls so that they’re sufficiently hard. When they cool off, request Apollo’s blessings, then select a ball and an oracle. The oracles that are not chosen can be left outside in an area frequented by field mice as an offering and a thank you.

Adapted from: The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

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