Aichmomancy – What is it?

6e74d15221989b408dd50ff514216debAichmomancy is a form of divination somewhat similar to Acultomancy in that it uses sharp pointed objects to show patterns to read.

Aichmomancy readers use pins, knives, forks, nails, and handmade pieces of wood sharpened to a point. Readers drop sharp pointed objects onto a flat surface, find patterns and interpret them.

In the most ancient form of this divination a spearhead was spun in the sand. Several centuries later, during the Early Middle Ages, divinations with pins became popular in Europe. Readers used seven pins and a table covered with cloth. Pins were thrown over the table, and the patterns were read and interpreted.

According to the article in wikipedia, what follows are the basic patterns and their interpretations:

1 – Love 5 – Danger 9 – Honesty 13 – Sickness 17 – Pleasure 21 – Break-up
2 – Money 6 – Quarrel 10 – Rudeness 14 – Wedding 18 – Encounter 22 – Health
3 – Gift 7 – Prison 11 – Joy 15 – Birth 19 – Meeting 23 – Vanity
4 – Grief 8 – Engagement 12 – Letter 16 – Resistance 20 – Success 24 – Road

I am not clear as to what those particular numbers refer to, and so far my research has yielded no results. I do, however, believe that any magickal square, or any other “map” could be used, as long as you are clear as to what the various areas on the map mean to you. For example, you could use a Feng Sui square to drop your pins on, and then interpret the meanings based on where and they land.


Collected from  wikipedia and various other sources.

Abocomancy – What is it?

dust-articleinlineAbacomancy, also known as Amathomancy (from the Greek word “amathos” meaning sand) a form of divination based on the interpretation of the patterns in dust, dirt, silt, sand, or the ashes of the recently deceased. Reading the patterns is believed to give some insight into the future.

Readers drop the dirt, sand, or ashes on a flat surface and start looking for a pattern that may represent symbols or pictures. They interpret these symbols and pictures to what is going to happen in the future. Some look for certain symbols that are seen over and over.

Jackson Pollock, renowned painter, was famous for his series of paintings on abacomancy, which focused on the patterns in the paintings he made to foretell the future.

Source: Wikipedia

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