Divination Basics

Systems of divination and fortune-telling work according to the principle of synchronicity. According to the laws of synchronicity, nothing is a coincidence. Events occurring at exactly the same moment share something in common, and may be used to reveal something about each other. The trick is to learn how to recognize and understand these revelations. In other words, nothing is just an accident, everything has a hidden meaning, and a deeper reason.

If you can begin to be open to those hidden meanings, if you can allow yourself to explore those deeper truths, the answers to any question can be made clear.

As you can see from the name, divination puts you in direct contact with the divine. There is a sacred magical aspect to even the rowdiest party method. Because of this divination should be treated with respect. If you are serious about the practice of divination, remember this:

  1. Divination tools, even the simplest pebbles, shells or dice, are ritual tools and should be treated with care and respect.
  2. Appropriate cleansing and protective rituals and practices should also be considered.

The most difficult part of any divination is asking the right question. It will be much easier to see the answers if your question is very specific. Take the time to formulate exactly what it is you wish revealed in clear, lucid, precise language. Write down the question, so that you can later compare it to the response. This will make it easier to interpret its subtleties and implications, and also eliminate arguments if performing group divination.

How do you choose the right system of divination? In some cases, the choice is obvious, certain divination practices were designed for specific situations. The very question needing answers, the very information required, determines the method. In some cases, your own abilities set directions. For example, it takes a different kind of personality to scry patiently in a pan of black ink than it does to pierce a bible passage with a needle. In other cases, let the choice choose you. If a particular divination speaks to you, if it calls out to you – you can be assured that an answer is wanting to be found.

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