Casting The Future

Molybdomancy is a form of divination by molten metal. The idea being that the future can be divined, and answers can be obtained by studying the various shapes taken by metal when it is melted and cooled.

A simple example is as follows:

For this you need a little lead such as the sticks provided for use in soldering. Place a small piece of this in an old spoon and hold it over a hot flame until it melts. Then, thinking of the question you want answered, toss the molten lead into a metal bucket filled with water.

This produces a satisfying cloud of steam and when the lead is fished out it will have taken a strange shape in which all kinds of things can be read. If the shape provides no clear conclusion, then it can be held up in front of a candle and the shadow thrown on the wall can be further studied.

In Finland this is still carried out regularly and horse-shoe shaped ingots and special ladles can be found in market places at this time of year.

From: The Winter Solstice

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