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Hypnosis Binaural Beats for Deep Relaxation

Hypnosis Binaural Beats for Deep Relaxation and Anxiety Relief

This is a guided hypnotherapy session designed to induce a very deep sense of relaxation and calmness, helpful for releasing inner tension, anxiety and stress.

The music track incorporates binaural beats to help achieve trance level brainwave activity and is best listened to with stereo headphones.

Do not listen to this recording whilst driving or operating machinery.

This recording is in no way a replacement for any prescribed medication; nor is it intended to contraindicate or supersede any medically diagnosed conditions.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. The power for positive change resides within your own mind. If you choose to accept the suggestions presented in this session, you can rest comfortably knowing that you are the one safely in control of your own positive results.

Peace & Enjoy


Japanese Method to Relax In 5 Minutes

There are many ways to cope with stress. Regular exercise, connecting with others, yoga, and massages are a few. However, there’s also a Japanese self-relaxation technique that can be done anywhere in 5 minutes. To give a quick background, each of the fingers in our hand represents a different kind of emotion or feeling.

  • The Thumb helps fend off emotions like worry and anxiety.
  • The Index finger helps you fight your fears.
  • The Middle finger helps control feelings of rage and bitterness.
  • The Ring finger aids in fighting melancholy and depression.
  • The Pinky helps relieve stress and boosts your optimism and self-esteem.

Here are the steps!

Your goal is to balance all the opposing energy forces in your body. Start this by taking one finger at a time, grasping it with the opposite hand and wrapping every finger around it.

Hold each finger for one to two fingers. Wait until you feel the pulse. This is when you know it’s working.

To aid in relaxation, apply slight pressure to the center of your palm with your opposite thumb and hold for at least one minute.

If you practice this technique every day, your spirit becomes balanced, enabling you to deal with stress much more effectively.

Here’s a how-to video:

Just Breathe

So simple, and yet so effective. Take a few deep breaths, and then for a few minutes, just focus on your breathing. Concentrate on your breathing as it comes into your body, and then as it goes out. It has a calming effect, especially if you continue to return your focus to your breath when your mind strays. It also allows other thoughts to just float away.

Borrowed from: The Prosperity Project

Unlock Your Full Potential

A short guided visualization meditation to help you in setting your mind to unlock your full inner potential – with Jason Stephenson.

Use this daily before attending meetings, work, school, exams. Can also be used just prior to bedtime to go to sleep with confidence, determination and belief.

Mindfulness Meditation For Anxiety

This is a mindfulness meditation with Josh Wise. This meditation will help you connect with your breath. Relax. Let go of stress. Release anxiety. Allow yourself to relax. Simply breathe and watch your breath. Notice what it feels like. No need to change anything or do anything. Simply accept this moment just as it is. Enjoy.

By: Wise Mind Body

A Positive Meditation

I hope you enjoy this healing meditation to help guide you into a state of Positive bliss and peace of mind. Words of love to provide that boost of positive energy.

This Positive Meditation is by Positive Magazine. Calm relaxing mediation 10 minute guided meditation video to help ease Anxiety, worry, Overthinking and the sense of urgency.


We often feel the need to rush and complete tasks to move onto the next one. To make decisions by a certain time. This feeling of urgency, a pressure that causes us to act without considering our natural process of movement is a form of anxiety. Urgency can lead to panic attacks as well as anxiety attacks. In this free 10 minute guided meditation we employ guided positive energy and vibrations by calmly the urgency and anxiety as well as address the rumination of overthinking (i.e., over analyzing) OCD (Obsessive compulsive Disorder).

Anxiety and Anxiety Attacks

There are many remedies for physical trauma but few for the emotional trauma’s that we experience. Some of the root of Anxiety can be traced to physical medical condition, although I practice that all anxiety is physical, even if the root stems from an emotional experience. Anxiety has a foot print can be tracked. In this 10 minute guided meditation we use positive healing energy through meditation to follow a peaceful path away from anxiety, panic attacks, urgency, compulsive disorder, worry and fear to arrive at our peace within.

Using Guided Meditations for Anxiety:

Meditation has been scientifically proven beneficial for those who experience and even suffer from Anxiety. Meditation for anxiety, like out Positive Meditations, can transform the listeners experience and cause the mind to abandon anxiety impulses for a more peaceful and calming experience.

About Positive Magazine:

Positive Magazine offers relaxing 10 minute guided positive energy meditations. Our Positive Energy Meditations covers Anxiety, Healing, Depression, Sleep, Health, and much more! Even more exciting is that we offer meditations in ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response).

The meditations are original content and are not scripted; these healing words have traveled with me along my journey to arrive at this moment – they come directly from my heart to yours. Each positive meditation is intentionally designed for healing – download and listen to 10 minutes of blissful relaxation and restorative peace.


Morning Self Hypnosis for Anxiety

The Anxiety Guy team member Marie Gardiner (certified hypotherapist) has released this powerful hypnosis for anxiety sufferers to listen on a daily basis. Her soothing voice, and calming instructions will get you to begin your day with a clear mind far away from your regular mornings filled with fear and worry.

Here’s the video:

Anxiety is an emotion that normally involves an element of worry, and fear. It is a state of mind that can also affect our thoughts, behaviors, and physical reactions in our body. This powerful morning hypnosis for anxiety will speak directly to your subconscious mind to alter your thinking patterns. Anxiety, in times of need, helps prepare our body to either fight or flight. But when this response becomes operated when it is not needed, CBT for anxiety, as well as hypnosis for anxiety are proven tools to overcome the anxious condition.

Since our subconscious mind holds the key to our Negative Automatic Thoughts, we must stand guard at the doorway of our minds, and catch our NATS as they appear.

Embedded in this powerful hypnosis for anxiety are binaural beats. Binaural beats are natural brainwaves that will speak directly to your mind to give it the peace and calm it needs. With daily listening of this hypnosis for anxiety you will begin to change many of the negative thought patterns you run in your mind daily.


Make sure you are in a place you can’t be disturbed when listening to this powerful hypnosis for anxiety. Also make sure you have comfortable headphones on. Listen to this hypnosis session daily every morning so you can condition yourself to see through your limiting beliefs. This hypnosis, in time, will give your mind, body and emotions the peace and relaxation it truly wants and deserves.


Random Affirmation
Enter your situation and receive a random affirmation. The affirmation will come in the form of a small pop up. Try it - your life just might change for the better!

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