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Affirmation cards and posters that you make yourself have more personal impact and are more meaningful than generic affirmations found online. These can be as simple as affirmations written on 3 x 5 cards and picked at random as a “daily” affirmation – or as wonderfully complex as a collage made of feathers, lace, photos, sequins, and words cut from magazines or written with a calligraphy pen. If you have scrap booking supplies – you’ll probably already have some ideas. But if not, here is an example of something simple:


This one is a little more complex,
but it’s really interesting and fun!


This “key chain” idea is really cool.
I found it here: Affirmation Inspiration Strikes!


For some nice tutorials check out the following:

And then there’s this really simple concept… all you need is a black background, a pen that writes in white ink, and a heart shaped mirror. Really a nifty way to start out your day! Also a great gift idea for the children in your life.


So… there you have it


Random Affirmation
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