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Practicing Relaxation

The Buddha proposed so many ways to practice to reduce the pain in your body and in your emotions, and to reconcile with yourself.

You can reduce physical pain through the practice of releasing tension in the body. Pain increases as a function of tension, and it can be reduced if we release the tension. You can practice relaxation in the lying or sitting position.

You can also practice relaxation when you walk, and with every step you can help release the tension. Walk like a free person. Put things down, don’t carry anything, and feel light. There is a burden we always carry with us.

The skill we need is how to lay down our burden in order to be light. If you sit, walk, or lie down like that, it’s very easy to release the tension and reduce the pain.

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Take Time To Rest

When we are sick, we stay in bed and do nothing. Often we don’t even eat or drink. All of our energy is directed toward healing. We need to practice resting even when we are not sick. Sitting meditation, walking meditation, and mindful eating are good opportunities for resting. When you feel agitated, if you are able to go to a park or a garden, it is an opportunity for rest. If you walk slowly and remember to take it easy, if you are able to sit and do nothing from time to time, you can rest deeply and enter a state of true ease.
– Thich Nhat Hanh

Breath of God


Breath of God inside each cell
I AM the violet flame
Pulsing out the cosmic time
I AM the violet flame
Energizing mind and heart
I AM the violet flame
Sustaining God’s creation now
I AM the violet flame
With all love, With all love, With all love

Shimmering in a crystal cave
I AM the violet flame
Searching out all hidden pain
I AM the violet flame
Consuming cause and core of fear
I AM the violet flame
Revealing now the inner name
I AM the violet flame
With all peace, With all peace, With all peace

Flashing like a lightning bolt
I AM the violet flame
Stretching through the galaxies
I AM the violet flame
Connecting soul and Spirit now
I AM the violet flame
Raising you to cosmic heights
I AM the violet flame
With all power, With all power, With all power.

Source: Deep Trance Now
Borrowed from: The Violet Flame Project

Violet Flame Healing


From, Violet Flame Miracles, we have this testimonial on the healing effects of the Violet Flame.

I use the violet flame to purify all viruses and bacteria out of my body daily. If I truly blaze the light through with powerful visualization, I never get sick. I also have had great success using the violet flame to heal me of painful situations like heartache. It never fails to pull me out of it. It may take a week but after great devotion to the violet flame I have transmuted some deep pain and my heart is free again. I will say that it does take a bit of time to really create a momentum with the violet fire. One must use it consistently, with fervor and strong visualization practice until you really are saturated in it and you know it.

~Robin Zdravkovic

Borrowed from:
The Violet Flame Project

Ten Affirmative Prayers


Here are 10 affirmative prayers for a variety of situations and circumstances:

  1. As I replace negative, unproductive thoughts with images of wellness, prosperity, order, and love, I participate in a healing of my total being. I choose to view all people and all situations in a healing light. Increased awareness, greater understanding, and compassion result. I praise God for the life that invigorates me – mind and body! I visualize, believe in, and accept my good.
  2. I am God’s child, loved unconditionally and endowed with unique talents and abilities. I am worthy of satisfying employment that prospers me. I give thanks that the way to service and fulfillment is open to me now.
  3. Right where I am, my freedom exists. Right where I stand, God stands with me. The Spirit of God within me is not bound by unwanted habits, thoughts, or feelings. I am blessed with peace, power, wisdom, and health. Through the Christ in me, I am free.
  4. I am empowered by God’s presence within me. The love, strength and power of God work through me to overcome all challenges. I am loved and loving; whole in mind, body, and spirit; prospered in all areas of my life.
  5. I am calm and centered. I have a God given ability to think clearly, to concentrate fully, and to express myself perfectly. The Holy Spirit gently and easily brings to my mind whatever is best for me to do. My guidance is clear and certain. I am lovingly directed to my highest good.
  6. The unifying power of God’s love flows through me to all people in my life. I choose to see the good within each person and every circumstance. I radiate peace, harmony, and goodwill to others, and in return, I am blessed.
  7. I trust everything in my life to God’s tender care, knowing that God’s will for me is true happiness, soul unfoldment, and all that is good. My loving relationship comes to me through God’s guidance and wisdom.
  8. No person, circumstance or condition has the power to keep me from my good. I cease to worry and put my trust in God, knowing that what is mine comes to me with ease. My world is in order, and I am at peace.
  9. With each breath, I release all my concerns and rest in an awareness of divine protection. As I meet life’s challenges, I experience my oneness with the presence and power of God and recognize I am never alone. Worries and fears leave quietly; I am safe in God’s presence and love.
  10. The presence of God moves through me as revitalizing life. There is no obstacle to the free flowing life of God healing and renewing my body. Every organ and tissue functions in perfect harmony.
Random Affirmation
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