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Affirmative Prayer

The Man Treatment

This is a series of affirmations, which, if read out loud with feeling every day for 40 days, will bring to you the right and perfect male lover. You can substitute a particular man’s name for the word “Man,” and it will do wonders for the relationship.

The Man Treatment
  • He is Life—God—in the form of Person, expressing as Man.
  • He is complete Man-Woman Being, expressing as Man.
  • He is Universal Man.
  • He is complete, whole Man, perfect Man, true Man.
  • He is Adam as first created by God—honest, free, pure, naked in the perfection of the Universe.
  • He is natural Man.
  • He is a unique, individual expression of all Man.
  • He is all that Man is.
  • He is Man beauty, Man love, warmth, vigor, energy, strength, power, Man grace, perfect Man form, hardness, projectivity, agressiveness, givingness, directiveness, fearlessness, daringness, toughness, resiliency, joy, wisdom.
  • He is initiator, leader.
  • He is gorgeous, handsome, all-confident, magnetic, undeniable Man.
  • He is as manly, as masculine as any man who ever lived.
  • He is as sexy as any man who ever lived.
  • He knows and accepts this.
  • He is the essence of masculinity.
  • He is a free, perfect expression of Man force.
  • He is the masculine aspect of the Universal creative force.
  • He has all that Man has.
  • He has Universal, ever-present, free, pure, complete, all intense desire for Woman.
  • He has free and powerful drive to pursue Woman.
  • He has complete acceptance of Woman, and of himself as Man.
  • The universal desire of Man for Woman is centered in his beautiful penis.
  • He rejoices in his penis as the creative center of his Man Self.
  • It is alive, vibrant, all-sensitive, vigorous, strong, aggressive, fearless.
  • It knows perfectly how to fulfill Woman, and to fulfill himself through Woman.
  • He knows all that Man knows.
  • He knows himself to be perfect for Woman spiritually, mentally, and physically.
  • He knows all about his Man nature, and new truth about himself as Man is now being revealed to him.
  • He accepts it and glories in it.
  • He knows all there is to know about sex, and is fearless and completely confident in his expression of sex love.
  • He knows how to find Woman, desire her agressively, pursue her, win her, project into her, direct all action with her, and to explode the givingness of his total being within her in perfect orgasm, fulfilling for both.
  • He is in complete control of his sex expression and of his orgasm.
  • He knows how to bring to Woman the greatest joy, and how to enjoy her to the fullest.
  • He completely accepts Woman.
  • He is in love with all Woman.
  • He accepts himself through Woman.
  • He accepts complete union—orgasm—with Woman.
  • There is nothing in him to judge or reject any woman, or to judge or reject himself as Man.
  • He is one with Woman.
  • There is no barrier between him and Woman.
  • He accepts Woman as mate.
  • He is in a state of ecstasy, orgasm, with Woman at all times, and so he knows that orgasm with Woman is natural and easy for him and for Woman through him.
  • The pressure of the Life Force within him propels him joyfully and freely into love action and oneness with Woman.
  • He loves being Man.
  • He admires and praises his Man expression.
  • He chose to be Man before he was born.
  • He loves every moment of his Man life.
  • He is a perfect dynamic expression of Man and He knows it.
  • I am a treasure for Man.
  • I am of great value to Man, and worth every effort to obtain.
  • I have happiness, fulfillment to give to Man.
  • My Spirit is a treasure for Man’s Spirit.
  • My mind is a treasure for Man’s mind.
  • My body is a treasure for Man’s body.
  • I am a “pearl of great price” for Man.
  • I am precious beyond measure.
  • I am a treasure for Man and Man is a treasure for me.
  • Man is of great value to me, and worth every effort to obtain.
  • Man has happiness, fulfillment to give to me.
  • Man’s Spirit is a treasure for my Spirit.
  • Man’s mind is a treasure for my mind.
  • Man’s body is a treasure for my body.
  • Man is a “pearl of great price” for me.
  • Man is precious beyond measure to me.
  • Man is a treasure for me and I am a treasure for Man.
  • I am in Love.
  • I am in love with Man and Man is wholly and completely in love with me.
  • I am complete fulfillment, heaven, for Man as Man is for me.
  • I am infinitely valuable to Man, as Man is to me.
  • Man greatly desires me, as I do Man.
  • Man loves to pursue me, and I love to be pursued by Man.
  • There is absolutely no separation, lack, or rejection between Man and me; There is only acceptance and joy.
  • There is no fear between me and Man, only perfect love and unity.
  • We are one in God.
  • We are one at all times, in a state of ecstasy, orgasm.
  • I release and free every individual person and I am released and free from personal bondage.
  • I am free and fulfilled, always.
  • I am a perfect woman in a perfect love affair with perfect Man.
  • There is between us perfect understanding, expression, and fulfillment of the Universal love-desire we share.

Note: This is clearly a heterosexual affirmational treatment written for a woman. It  can, however, be tweaked in any way that makes it appropriate for you. If you are a man, you can change the “He” to “I” and if you are looking for a female lover, you can change the “Man” to “Woman”… etc.

The Woman Treatment

This is a series of affirmations, which, if read out loud with feeling every day for 40 days, will bring to you the right and perfect male lover.

The Woman Treatment
  • I am Life, God, in the form of Person, expressing as Woman.
  • I am a complete Man-Woman Being, expressing as Woman.
  • I am the Woman Aspect of God.
  • I am Universal woman.
  • I am complete and whole Woman.
  • I am pure Woman, perfect Woman, true Woman.
  • I am free, natural Woman.
  • I am a unique, individual expression of all Woman.
  • I am the feminine side of God.
  • I am God-Woman.
  • I am the essence of femininity.
  • I am all that Woman is.
  • I am beauty.
  • I am love.
  • I am tenderness.
  • I am gentleness.
  • I am warmth.
  • I am softness.
  • I am grace.
  • I am perfect woman form.
  • I am acceptance.
  • I am receptivity.
  • I am responsiveness.
  • I am luscious, lovely, fascinating, exciting, gorgeous, vibrant Woman.
  • I am as feminine as any woman who ever lived.
  • I am as sexy as any woman who ever lived.
  • I am loved and loving, desired and desiring, adored and adoring.
  • I am a free, perfect expression of Woman Love.
  • I am the Woman aspect of the Life Force.
  • I have all that Woman has.
  • I have an infinite amount of Woman Love to express with Man Love into Life.
  • It is centered in my woman’s womb, approached through the channel of my wonderful vagina.
  • I praise and love my womb, the secret and hallowed place of creation, the soil for the seed of Life, the magnet for Man, the most precious place in my woman’s body.
  • I am the bearer of this treasure of the human race: the Womb.
  • I bless and love the beautiful channel to my womb: my vagina.
  • It is warm, tender, soft, alive, vibrant, exciting, flowing with love—a place of heaven for me and for man.
  • I praise the glorious flower of my clitoris, whose only function is to give pleasure and joy to me and to Man.
  • I love and praise my breasts, my belly, my back, my buttocks—every place of my Woman’s ecstatic body.
  • My physical being expresses receives and communicates spiritual love.
  • I know everything that woman knows.
  • Woman Intelligence within me knows all about my Woman nature, and is constantly revealing to me new truths about my Woman self.
  • I know all there is to know about sex.
  • My sexual expression is perfect and complete, and creative ideas are ever flowing through my sexual expression, making it every new and more glorious.
  • I always know what to do, when and how to do it, to fulfill all of Man’s desire, and thus fulfill my own.
  • I know that my sexual expression is perfect and my Woman fulfillment is complete and abundant.
  • I know that I am a completely fulfilled Woman.
  • I cannot have a Woman desire, which is not already fulfilled.
  • I know that from the abundance of orgasm at the center of my Woman’s being, all of my Woman needs are met and all of my Woman desires are gloriously fulfilled.
  • All necessary circumstances and experiences are created perfectly for me by the Law of my Being, which knows how to bring to me Man-Love constantly, in ways which are perfect for me for now.
  • I completely accept Man.
  • I am in love with all Man.
  • I love everything Man is, says, and does.
  • I accept complete union with Man.
  • I accept every part of every man.
  • There is nothing in me to judge or reject Man, or to judge or reject myself through Man.
  • I accept my self as a perfect mate for man.
  • I am one with Man.
  • We are both God and are one.
  • Physical Man is the manifestation of my own man nature, which is perfect and is one with my woman nature always.
  • Man and I are in a state of ecstatic oneness—orgasm—at all times.
  • We are one mind, one heart, one body, one desire, one action, one expression, one fulfillment, one completion, one orgasm, one perfection.
  • Life at the point of Man and me expresses freely, perfectly, gloriously without a block of any kind.

Note: This is clearly a heterosexual affirmational treatment, and it can be tweaked in any way that makes it appropriate for you.

Divine Mind Within Me

Here is a great affirmation:

Divine Mind within me is a Mind full of intelligence and love. It loves me as Itself, and wants to give me the intelligence I need all the time. In order to be helped by Divine Mind within me, I have to believe in It. I must take the mental attitude that I know what I need to know, and then expect to receive exactly the ideas or information I need.

Hoodoo Prayers


Affirmative prayer is used by practitioners of African American hoodoo, usually in conjunction with its opposite, which is called a prayer of removal. In this folk magic application of the technique, the prayer of removal may be said during a waning moon or at sunset or at ebb tide (“As the sun goes down, this disease is removed from my body”) and the affirmative prayer may be said during a waxing moon, at dawn, or at high tide (“As the sun rises, this day brings me perfect health”).

The explanation for this application of affirmative prayer is that God has ordained laws of natural inflow and outflow, and that by linking one’s prayer to a natural condition that prevails at the time, the prayer is given the added power of God’s planned natural event.

Ten Affirmative Prayers


Here are 10 affirmative prayers for a variety of situations and circumstances:

  1. As I replace negative, unproductive thoughts with images of wellness, prosperity, order, and love, I participate in a healing of my total being. I choose to view all people and all situations in a healing light. Increased awareness, greater understanding, and compassion result. I praise God for the life that invigorates me – mind and body! I visualize, believe in, and accept my good.
  2. I am God’s child, loved unconditionally and endowed with unique talents and abilities. I am worthy of satisfying employment that prospers me. I give thanks that the way to service and fulfillment is open to me now.
  3. Right where I am, my freedom exists. Right where I stand, God stands with me. The Spirit of God within me is not bound by unwanted habits, thoughts, or feelings. I am blessed with peace, power, wisdom, and health. Through the Christ in me, I am free.
  4. I am empowered by God’s presence within me. The love, strength and power of God work through me to overcome all challenges. I am loved and loving; whole in mind, body, and spirit; prospered in all areas of my life.
  5. I am calm and centered. I have a God given ability to think clearly, to concentrate fully, and to express myself perfectly. The Holy Spirit gently and easily brings to my mind whatever is best for me to do. My guidance is clear and certain. I am lovingly directed to my highest good.
  6. The unifying power of God’s love flows through me to all people in my life. I choose to see the good within each person and every circumstance. I radiate peace, harmony, and goodwill to others, and in return, I am blessed.
  7. I trust everything in my life to God’s tender care, knowing that God’s will for me is true happiness, soul unfoldment, and all that is good. My loving relationship comes to me through God’s guidance and wisdom.
  8. No person, circumstance or condition has the power to keep me from my good. I cease to worry and put my trust in God, knowing that what is mine comes to me with ease. My world is in order, and I am at peace.
  9. With each breath, I release all my concerns and rest in an awareness of divine protection. As I meet life’s challenges, I experience my oneness with the presence and power of God and recognize I am never alone. Worries and fears leave quietly; I am safe in God’s presence and love.
  10. The presence of God moves through me as revitalizing life. There is no obstacle to the free flowing life of God healing and renewing my body. Every organ and tissue functions in perfect harmony.
Random Affirmation
Enter your situation and receive a random affirmation. The affirmation will come in the form of a small pop up. Try it - your life just might change for the better!

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