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Make A Vision Board

What better way to manifest your intentions than by putting your creativity to use and making a vision board collage?

What you’ll need:

  • Books, magazines, or photos you can cut up
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper
  • A candle in any color

What to do:

Get ready to have some magickal, creative fun! Making a vision board is a great way to focus on your desires and what you want to manifest in your life or in the world — and you can easily turn this practice into a ritual. Begin by lighting your candle as a symbolic gesture of the ritual’s start.

Then write down a list of what you’d like to manifest and start looking through your magazines, books, or photographs, cutting out any images that speak to you or symbolically represent the things you’re striving for and welcoming into your life during this moon.

Once you have your collage pieces, arrange and glue them down on a piece of paper or card stock. Display the collage on your altar or in a visible spot in your home where you’ll see it frequently. Each time you do, focus on the intentions you set and their visual representations, and check in with yourself to track what work you’ve done to accomplish your goals and what more needs to be done.

Found at: The Pagan Calendar

To You

Whoever you are, I fear you are walking the walks of
I fear these supposed realities are to melt from under your
  feet and hands,
Even now your features, joys, speech, house, trade, manners,
  troubles, follies, costume, crimes, dissipate away from you,
Your true soul and body appear before me,
They stand forth out of affairs, out of commerce, shops,
  work, farms, clothes, the house, buying, selling, eating,
  drinking, suffering, dying.

Whoever you are, now I place my hand upon you, that you
  be my poem,
I whisper with my lips close to your ear,
I have loved many women and men, but I love none better
  than you.

O I have been dilatory and dumb,
I should have made my way straight to you long ago,
I should have blabb’d nothing but you, I should have chanted
  nothing but you.

I will leave all and come and make the hymns of you,
None has understood you, but I understand you,
None has done justice to you, you have not done justice to
None but has found you imperfect, I only find no
  imperfection in you,
None but would subordinate you, I only am he who will
  never consent to subordinate you,
I only am he who places over you no master, owner, better,
  God, beyond what waits intrinsically in yourself.

Painters have painted their swarming groups and the centre-
  figure of all,
From the head of the centre-figure spreading a nimbus of
  gold-color’d light,
But I paint myriads of heads, but paint no head without its
  nimbus of gold-color’d light,
From my hand from the brain of every man and woman it
  streams, effulgently flowing forever.

O I could sing such grandeurs and glories about you!
You have not known what you are, you have slumber’d upon
  yourself all your life,
Your eyelids have been the same as closed most of the time,
What you have done returns already in mockeries,
(Your thrift, knowledge, prayers, if they do not return in
  mockeries, what is their return?)

The mockeries are not you,
Underneath them and within them I see you lurk,
I pursue you where none else has pursued you,
Silence, the desk, the flippant expression, the night, the
  accustom’d routine, if these conceal you from others or
  from yourself, they do not conceal you from me,
The shaved face, the unsteady eye, the impure complexion, if
  these balk others they do not balk me,
The pert apparel, the deform’d attitude, drunkenness, greed,
  premature death, all these I part aside.

There is no endowment in man or woman that is not tallied
  in you,
There is no virtue, no beauty in man or woman, but as good
  is in you,
No pluck, no endurance in others, but as good is in you,
No pleasure waiting for others, but an equal pleasure waits
  for you.

As for me, I give nothing to any one except I give the like
  carefully to you,
I sing the songs of the glory of none, not God, sooner than
  I sing the songs of the glory of you.

Whoever you are! claim your own at an hazard!
These shows of the East and West are tame compared to you,
These immense meadows, these interminable rivers, you are
  immense and interminable as they,
These furies, elements, storms, motions of Nature, throes of
  apparent dissolution, you are he or she who is master or
  mistress over them,
Master or mistress in your own right over Nature, elements,
  pain, passion, dissolution.

The hobbles fall from your ankles, you find an unfailing
Old or young, male or female, rude, low, rejected by the rest,
  whatever you are promulgates itself,
Through birth, life, death, burial, the means are provided,
  nothing is scanted,
Through angers, losses, ambition, ignorance, ennui, what
  you are picks its way.

~Walt Whitman, 1819 – 1892

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