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Super Self Confidence Hypnosis

This self confidence hypnosis session combines brainwave entrainment audio and is designed to boost your self esteem and rewire your brain for success.


Your sense of self is not set in stone but is in fact malleable and subject to the influence of your environment. It’s interesting to note that behaviour modification has an effect on the actual physical structure of your brain, so when adopting a new mindset, your brain will over time alter itself to reflect a newly learnt habit. New habits typically take 30 days to take root depending on what you’re trying to achieve, and this may vary depending on the levels of resistance built up over time.


Sit or lie down comfortable and listen through headphones at a comfortable volume – set the level so you can just about hear the pulsing effect of the 4hz isochronic tone – this is the pulsing effect that you hear in the background. 4hz corresponds to a Theta state, which is very conductive to receiving and integrating positive suggestions. The object of this frequency in a rested state is to interrupt your mind’s critical faculty so that new behaviours can potentially take root and override the old ones.

Through you may find that a single listening session will have a positive short term knock on effect, it is recommended that you listen for a minimum of 30 days for maximum integration. And also, more importantly, take action in your day to day life to act in accordance with your new mindset.

The first 10 minutes feature a powerful relaxation induction, which will induce a deep hypnotic state. The actual programming takes place in the second half of the audio.

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