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Some Prosperity Decrees


I found these decrees at the Saint Germain Foundation, and then I added a beginning and an end to each one. There were more on that page if these don’t quite do it for you.


In the name, love, wisdom, power, authority, and victory of the
Beloved I AM Presence,

I AM the Ascended Master Payment of this (of every) bill or obligation,
instantly and eternally manifest through Divine Love.
I demand, I command, I insist and I AM that I AM that I AM.


I AM a being of Violet Fire.
I AM the inescapable, inexhaustible Riches of God
flowing into my hands and use today,
manifest with Full Power, as a glad-free gift of Divine Love.
I refuse everything but the Fullness of God’s Supply to me, NOW!
I AM, I AM the Violet Flame
Almighty I AM
Almighty I AM
Almighty I AM


Mighty I AM Presence Bright
Seal me in your tube of Light.
Protect and empower, in this and every hour.
I AM that I AM
and I AM
Sealed forever in the Peace, Protection, Security, Love, Wisdom, Power, Supply and Freedom of the “Light of God That Never Fails.”


“Mighty I AM Presence”! Thank you for all the money that comes into my hands and use or that touches my world! I accept it as A Messenger of Love and Balance! Charge it with Purity, Love and Blessing without limit; and see that it brings only Freedom and Perfection everywhere in the world.“

Borrowed from:
The Violet Flame Project

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