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My Magic I AM Presence

“My Magic I AM Presence
Charge! Charge! Charge!
Me with Perfect Health, Joy, Happiness,
Illumination, Love, Wisdom, Power, Abundant Supply
and with Ascended Jesus Christ Consciousness.”


This Decree can be modified to fit your individual situation, needs. For example, instead of the “Ascended Jesus Christ Consciousness”, you may also like to use any one or more of the following, or insert something else that resonates with your own beliefs:

  • the Mightiest Herculean Love, Light, Miracles, Victories, Gifts, and Blessings
  • the Invincible Flame of God’s Cosmic Heart forever
  • the Violet Fire of the Great Central Sun
  • the Purifying, Healing, Freeing Activity of Light and Sacred Love of the Sacred Fire

I think it helps to write it out and make sure it “feels” like something you want to invoke, tweaking it as you go to make it as personalized as possible. It has to feel good to say it, or it won’t work at all.

I also like to top it off with a mantra or chant. Here’s an example:

Almighty I AM By God’s Cosmic Hand
Do it today! Do it to stay!
Almighty I AM
Almighty I AM
Almighty I AM

Or, it could be really simple:

I AM that I AM.
I AM that I AM.
I AM that I AM.

For best results:

Use the transmuting violet flame with great intensity! Call for it as if your very life depended upon it!

When you feel anything not of happiness at the solar plexus, feel the Violet Flame flash up quickly and come out at the heart a Golden Flame; and BLAZE it through the other person or condition which is the CAUSE of distress. If it is a mental thing that bothers you, BLAZE it up through the head. Then feel the fullness of the Presence.

Borrowed from:
The Violet Flame Project

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