Consulting The Library Angel

I’ve consulted the “library angel” at home, in libraries all over the world, in bookstores, and with friends’ books for many years. I suggest you begin at home next to your own bookshelf, where you’ll have the most privacy.

Begin by relaxing and then quieting your mind. Focus on your intent and address the magical portals into divine wisdom that are before you by acknowledging their power and their role, for example:

“I invite the numinous spirit that resides within these volumes to guide my hand, and my inquiry. Please help me find wisdom.”

Close your eyes. Allow your hand to move freely back and forth, up and down in front of the books. Allow your hand to move freely, while keeping your eyes closed. When the moment is right, you will feel a gentle pull toward the bookcase. You may feel a sudden sense of certainty as your hand is guided to the volume you are meant to work with. Pull it from the shelf. Hold it to your heart and say:

“I acknowledge you as my guide.”

Now recite your question aloud.

Allow the book to open in your hands. Open your eyes and let them light upon the page. Read what is before you.

It may take time to meditate upon the answer you have received, or the message may be absolutely clear immediately. You may ask for clarification if you need to, but don’t ask the same question twice.

Write down the passage your received and even if it does not seem immediately meaningful, let it evoke feelings. And end the divination by giving thanks to the book, the library angel, and the Divine for their assistance.

From: Witch Crafting

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