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Down The Rabbit Hole Again

So I fell down the Rabbit Hole today… big time! I decided to post something simple. LOL! And it got complicated really fast. Here’s what happened:

I thumbed through my herb book for a quick and easy herb and right away found something short and sweet about Arborvitae… which after about 15 minutes of research… turned into a much longer and very confusing journey. Here are the highlights:

  • Eastern Red Cedar and Western Red Cedar are two completely different species.
  • Arborvitae, is also Thuga.
  • Or it could simply be called  Yellow Cedar
  • But it isn’t really a “Cedar”
  • Western Red Cedar is a Juniper that is completely different from the OTHER Juniper
  • No wait… they are almost the same.
  • Plus, in the category of “Cedar” and “Juniper” there are a bunch of other trees that may or may not have the same medicinal or magickal qualities.

Like I said… confusing. I am however starting to make sense of it, and by the time the day is done, I will have a bunch of posts I think. Here’s the first one:

More is on the way. Trust me, I have so many tabs open on my laptop that I can’t even believe it! And here we go:

Which also means that the following pages have been newly updated:

Ok.. that took all day and now I’m done. I hope you find something you enjoy.

So What’s Next?

I have been sitting here for almost a half hour trying to decide what to work on today. The highly informational posts about specific herbs on the Encyclopedia of Herbology are really interesting, and I love to write them, but they take forever to do and wear me out…. I have a ton of fun memes, but they get tedious after a while, and then I get bored…

I suppose I could do some magick spells, or divination stuff… hmmm….. And then there’s my personal blog, Hey It’s Me, I wonder if I have anything I’d like to talk about over there?

So I resolved the problem by spending an hour on Facebook … LOL. Anyway. I am done being distracted and I am finished with my procrastination. I am on my third cup of coffee and so here goes nothing:

I know it doesn’t look like much, but it’s pretty impressive. Go look at the post about Angelica and you will find all kinds of interesting information! Seriously, go look at it!

Not Sure What I’m Doing Today

I started off planning to post something really awesome and instructional, and for some reason, ended up starting off with cute and sweet:

Finally I had enough of that, and moved on to something weird and possibly controversial:

And after Mark Bryan’s portraits of Donald Trump, I needed to see something that was just plain funny, so I added a bunch of silly new memes to Meme City.

Okay… now it’s finally time to stop goofing off and do something a little more useful and serious. But  that’s going to take a while, so I will update when I have something finished. In the mean time, enjoy!

And now I’m done! At least for the day.

On The Slow Train To Katmandu

Yesterday I posted a bunch of “how-to” stuff over at the Encyclopedia of Herbology. Today, my goal was to post a lot of herbal remedies along with in depth profiles of some of my favorite herbs. So far… I have 2 posts completed:

  • Ground Ivy – more than you ever wanted to know about this nifty little common plant.
  • Ground Ivy Magick – how to use that nifty little plant in magick.

Now I’m feeling pretty much done for, so this is probably it for today. Have fun reading all about Ground Ivy. It grows like crazy around here, and is one of my favorite little ground covers.

Today It’s All About Herbs

For Mother’s Day, I got myself book on Herbal Medicine for Beginners. I really like it, and it has rekindled a desire to learn more about herbal medicine, herbology, and herbs in general. So, I thought today would be a good day to work on the The Encyclopedia of Herbology.

Here’s what I have so far:

Oh my, that’s a lot of information! I can’t wait to get started.

Finally Off The Couch!

So, I woke up this morning with the idea that I should clear my phone out and post all the pics and info I have been collecting while sitting on my couch doing almost nothing else during this quarantine… even though I could have been using all this wonderful free time to get make art, get organized, catch up on the Pagan Calendar, learn a new skill, read a bunch of books, do a bunch of magick… all those things that I didn’t do because what I was doing was mindlessly surfing Facebook and google and snagging pictures and stuff that I thought was cute, or funny, or interesting.

Anyway. I turned on my laptop, and today is the day. Beginning first with It’s A CatAstrophe:

Moving on to Way Cool Pictures with a series of posts that are either cute and adorable, really beautiful, or just plain fun:

But then of course things begin to get a little darker, and more interesting, so over at More Cool Pictures, we have these:

And after that, I felt the need to check in at Hey It’s Me, and say something personal… which spiraled into:

A Focus On Healing

So today I uploaded a series of practical hands on healing techniques which are easy and simple to try. My thought is that most of us are stuck at home, worried about our health and the health of our loved ones, so it might be both helpful and fun to explore a variety of healing techniques. Here’s what I have so far:

On a personal note, I experimented with the Blanket Forgiveness technique several weeks ago to see if it would heal a patch of eczema that had been driving me crazy. It worked amazingly well. Within about a minute or two the area began to feel cold, and then the intense itch was gone, and that particular spot has healed completely.  So it’s definitely worth playing around with.

Anybody Stressed Out?

Of course we are all stressed out right now. These are hard times. So I got busy and am working on a series of posts from a cool book called Instant Healing, by Serge Kahili King. The first section that I just finished up this morning is about stress and tension and his idea that this is where disease and illness originates.

Here are links to each of the finished articles posted over at Alternative Therapies:

And then, I needed to blow off some steam and release some stress… so I uploaded some fun and creepy Lovecraftian Cthulhu images to More Cool Pictures… because… well… when I see them I think it’s the perfect metaphor for the Coronavirus Pandemic we are all in the midst of.

Making An Effort

In an effort to try to find my way into a smooth rhythm of posting cool and interesting stuff here on, I have had to wade through a certain amount of bullshit. You might like some of it… or be amused by it… I don’t know… but here’s the list so far:

And then I thought I’d put some stuff up about healing because… well… pandemic! So here’s that list:

Not much yet, but I hope to add to this list as the day progresses.

It’s A Card Game Day

Today was an interesting journey. I started off with a small story about playing cards on Toward The One. And then when I was looking for a picture to illustrate it with, I stumbled into Ganjapa cards, Orissa art, and now I’m about ready to join the card game shown above. 🙂

On Mandala Madness we have:

And the one that started it all:

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