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Feeds Not Feeding

So, while I was off doing other things, and not paying much attention to the goings on here at … Feedburner discontinued their feeds. This means that none of the feeds are feeding, and subscriptions via email are no longer an option. This also means that I have to do a really long and involved edit of all the static pages, and each of the little websites.

I did look for an alternative option and have not as yet discovered anything viable that’s also free and easy to implement. I am considering doing a facebook page… a place to post and share pretty much anything and everything that gets uploaded. The drawback to this is that I would then have to actually do the posting and sharing… and I don’t have a great track record there either.

So… If anyone happens onto this post, and has an idea, I’d love to hear it.

Bright Blessings!!

Not Paying Attention…

So, here’s what happens if you have a ridiculous website that you sometimes update frequently, but often it just sits there gathering dust and an occasional reader… and when you have an email account that you only visit like… I dunno… once a month… and when you do visit said email you don’t actually read the 500+ emails that you received…

This is what happens: Go Daddy migrates your website to a new server or whatever, but your IP address needs to be updated and they send you an email to that effect but you don’t see it, or you do see it but you don’t read it, and suddenly like… weeks later, you realize that your website is down, and you have a panic attack.

So… the website is back up and all is well, and now I’m feeling compelled to put some kind of an update here, acknowledging the fact that I dropped the ball…

Yes. I dropped the ball. But I picked it back up and now all is well. And we’re back to business as usual. Theoretically.


Still A Little Wonky

So this morning I had to delete all the plugins and apps because one of them was messing up the Gypsy Magick and Lore site. And now I’m trying to remember which ones I had turned on and which ones were off for a reason… sigh…

If there is a weirdness here and there, that’s why. I’m trying to get it all back to normal but with 43 little sites it’s going to take some doing, and truth be told it may take a year at the rate I’m going.

Anyway… That’s my update for today. Hopefully its just minor inconveniences and inconsistencies that will only be noticed by me.


Yay! The website is secure again! I just want to give a shout out to Go Daddy! I love their tech support staff. Whenever I call, I get an actual person who is not only friendly, but really does know what they are talking about!

Nothing is more annoying than talking to tech support about an issue and then discovering that you know more than they do… especially when you know virtually nothing. That has happened to me at Mcafee and AT&T, but it has never happened to me at Go Daddy. So! Go Daddy is the best!


Ok guys… so my SSL certificate needs to be fixed, or replaced, or updated, or repaired, or something. And that is currently in progress. Sorry for the drama with all the alarmist “Not Secure” notifications. Hopefully it will be all taken care of soon.

And I can’t even upload an image!!!!

Yes I Am Still Here

I know it’s been a long time since I posted the last update, but I really have been working hard uploading new content. Here’s what’s new:

So there might be a little more here and there, but that’s the good stuff. Have fun exploring the site, I hope you find something interesting and inspiring.

Hey Guys!

Hey Guys! If I accidentally posted something that belongs to you, copyrighted or otherwise, don’t get all cranky and be a jerk.

Just leave a comment, and I will  give you credit and some link love, or delete the offending pic.

Also, be aware that I don’t always stay on top of my email, and it might take me a little while to respond.

So, take a chill pill and stay calm. Most of these little sites get like… I dunno… at most 10 page views on any given day, which means virtually no one saw your pic.

And seriously? I make $0.00 … yes, zero dollars from this little site, so it’s not like your picture benefited me in any way… I just thought it was awesome, I thought it was free to post, and apparently I was wrong. Apologies!


Behind The Scenes

Here’s a quick look at what’s going on behind the scenes here at … LOL … It really does feel like this on most days. Currently, I just finished up a the latest Prosperity Project. Interested? Here’s an overview of the project: Five Simple Things – Project Overview. Other than that, nothing new today. Again… this picture says it all!

It’s A Magickal Day

Today, I decided to see how many posts I could move from my old blogger magick blog over to their newer and better homes here at So far we have these:

Well, it’s not as much as I had hoped for, but I’m wrapping things up for the day. Enjoy! As always I hope you find something interesting, inspiring, and/or helpful.

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