Hey Guys!

Hey Guys! If I accidentally posted something that belongs to you, copyrighted or otherwise, don’t get all cranky and be a jerk.

Just leave a comment, and I will  give you credit and some link love, or delete the offending pic.

Also, be aware that I don’t always stay on top of my email, and it might take me a little while to respond.

So, take a chill pill and stay calm. Most of these little sites get like… I dunno… at most 10 page views on any given day, which means virtually no one saw your pic.

And seriously? I make $0.00 … yes, zero dollars from this little site, so it’s not like your picture benefited me in any way… I just thought it was awesome, I thought it was free to post, and apparently I was wrong. Apologies!


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  • BS”D – LOVE your color therapy work and more as I browse. You said that to make colored water, put water in a colored bottle and put it outside (not behind a window). If we don’t have a colored bottle, could a clear bottle be wrapped in a colored film and put outside and still get full benefit?

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If an image has posted without permission please leave a comment and I will happily remove it, replace it, give credit, link love ~ whatever you prefer.

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