Annoying Issues

Hey Guys!

Hey Guys! If I accidentally posted something that belongs to you, copyrighted or otherwise, don’t get all cranky and be a jerk.

Just leave a comment, and I will  give you credit and some link love, or delete the offending pic.

Also, be aware that I don’t always stay on top of my email, and it might take me a little while to respond.

So, take a chill pill and stay calm. Most of these little sites get like… I dunno… at most 10 page views on any given day, which means virtually no one saw your pic.

And seriously? I make $0.00 … yes, zero dollars from this little site, so it’s not like your picture benefited me in any way… I just thought it was awesome, I thought it was free to post, and apparently I was wrong. Apologies!


Getting Stuff Done

Today, my focus seems to be on “getting stuff done.” I ran a bunch of errands this morning, and am starting to run out of steam. I really hope I can catch a second wind and get a lot of new content uploaded today! Wish me luck, I might need it!

And what I have gotten accomplished so far isn’t very dang much! There are new memes at Meme City. But… and it’s a big ass but…

One annoying problem is still unsolved. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the blog feed “Newest Memes” to put more than 3 memes on a page. It’s currently set at 10 to a page… but still only 3 show up.

I did, however figure out a nice work around. If you scroll down to to the monthly archives, you can click on each month and get a nice long feed. Here is everything posted in June of this year (2020).

Alternatively, you can click on specific categories. The down side to this is that many memes are tagged in multiple categories, so there will be some duplication. Also, I tried to keep track of what I was posting, but I totally got confused. I think these are the categories with new memes….

And now I think I have completely run out of energy and enthusiasm. Enjoy!

It’s About Time!

Suddenly, almost a month ago, my mobile broadband device blew up. I tried to get it replaced by calling Sprint, but interestingly, they couldn’t help me if I couldn’t verify my account via email… which I couldn’t access with no internet… not to mention we are in the middle of a pandemic and on lock down…

Anyway, lots of stuff happened… hours of bitching… sitting on hold… cussing… bitching… whining and complaining… more stuff happened… on hold for hours and hours…  trips to the Sprint store… bla bla bla…

Finally… 3 1/2 weeks later, a not quite right but usable mobile broadband device has made its way to my house and I have internet again… so YAY!

And now I will be blogging like a madwoman. Have fun exploring all the new stuff! Which I will be posting asap! The links to all the new posts will show up here as they are published. Stay tuned!

So far these are new posts at the Book of Shadows , Magickal Ingredients, Magickal Apothecary, The Aromatic Healers, Eating To Live , Feathers and Bones, Way Cool Pictures, More Cool Pictures, and Cool Beans.

Ok… I have run out of time in my day. So I will leave you all with a couple of new and hilarious memes over at Meme City. Have fun!

Aarrrgggghhhhh !!!

Here’s a picture of me!
This is exactly how I looked all day yesterday, and most of today!


There was a temporary problem with my SSL certificate on the website. When I first called Go Daddy … they said it might take 20 minutes or so for them to get it resolved.

And so… hours later…  apparently the problem with my website SSL certificate is really interesting and complicated, and now I have a TEAM at Go Daddy working on it… (“a top notch team of experts”) they said it could be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 72 hrs before it is fixed… and in the mean time there is nothing I can do… so …. aaarrrggghhhh… it was so annoying and stressful that I actually washed dishes and cleaned house!

This morning it still wasn’t fixed so I called Go Daddy again. Turns out none of their fixes were working and they had to call in the real expert, “The Developer,” who apparently was the only one who could fix it.

Because now it is fixed, the SSL certificate is working and all is well….

Current News

So, the hard drive in my lap top went south, and I lost a whole bunch of stuff I had collected to use on the various sites here at It was pretty traumatizing! Here’s the litany of loss:

  • My collection of over 100 hilarious memes that I hadn’t had time to share on Meme City yet … gone.
  • More than 60 coloring pages saved for the Coloring Pages … gone.
  • I had so many cool animated gifs… so many… now gone.
  • I had a very extensive collection of tiny icons that I use to make the templates for the mini sites … gone.
  • The templates for all the current mini sites …. gone.
  • The back up for the current static web pages … gone.
  • Seamless backgrounds for templates and web pages … I did manage to save some of them, but most of them are gone.
  • Collected information on mantras and meditation practices … gone.
  • All the pictures and information I had saved for next years projects on The Prosperity Project … gone.
  • My downloaded music … gone…. all of it… gone.

And then there’s the confusion factor. I did have a bunch of stuff saved from 2 years ago. But it wasn’t organized at all. Instead it was mixed in with stuff from 5 years ago… and beyond. So, it’s not simple anymore to know what images I’ve used and which ones I haven’t used… which tweaks my OCD in a major way because God Forbid !! I use the same picture on the same mini site twice!!

What does this all mean for the website?

Well, it means that I will have to painstakingly recreate each mini site template in order to update the sites for 2018… which means I will have to go on long exhausting searches for icons and background images… the same goes for the static web pages…. which means it will be a while before I get up the nerve and the energy to update any of them…. which means that I won’t be fixing the glitchy news feed banners anytime soon.

On a positive note!

So there is a very tiny … very slender … silver lining to all this. And that is… hmmmm…. and that is… wait, I’m thinking… something will come to me… I’m sure… Oh! OK!

On a positive note, I still do have a bunch of stuff on all my blogger blogs that need to be moved. I can still post like crazy on all the little mini sites. I did have a great reservoir of information saved over the years. And I have a library of books… and a brain… and my google search engine works just fine.

Also, interestingly… my bulging folder of cat stuff came through intact! How fun is that! I guess you could say it wasn’t a CATastrophe. LOL.

A Small Annoyance

So, now that there’s been a WordPress Update, the settings for the Popular Posts widget have changed, and I’m going to have to go through EVERY little site and fix it… sigh. Perfection is so elusive! I do intend to get there though, at some point.



Looks like the Way Cool Pictures theme was broken in the move, and I just now realized it. The content is still there, it just wouldn’t load. It’s back up, and now I’m having to redo the widgets and the other miscellaneous stuff that comes with the theme.

Drastic Action

I had to take some drastic action due to the ridiculous amount of spam comments I suddenly started getting today. On The Prosperity Project, the count was up to 1286 comments … and the comments were coming in faster than I could delete them. I tried a couple of spam blockers, one of them temporarily broke the site… SIGH… so, just for now, the comments have been disabled completely. I need some time to figure out what to do, and how to handle it. Anyway… comments can be left on our facebook pages…

Here are the links:

Love to all, and bright blessings!

Seriously? Really?

So now that I have most of my other issues taken care of, suddenly my super cool animated gifs don’t work? Really?


Because my other animated gifs work just fine…. this one, however… doesn’t?
And now this one doesn’t either?


Ok, so I’ll try something really really simple…


And of course, it works… Geez … I guess I’ll have to do some research… some cussing… some tearing out of hair… some cursing… some crying… maybe even a primal scream or two… and see if I can figure it out.


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