Aarrrgggghhhhh !!!

Here’s a picture of me!
This is exactly how I looked all day yesterday, and most of today!


There was a temporary problem with my SSL certificate on the website. When I first called Go Daddy … they said it might take 20 minutes or so for them to get it resolved.

And so… hours later…  apparently the problem with my website SSL certificate is really interesting and complicated, and now I have a TEAM at Go Daddy working on it… (“a top notch team of experts”) they said it could be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 72 hrs before it is fixed… and in the mean time there is nothing I can do… so …. aaarrrggghhhh… it was so annoying and stressful that I actually washed dishes and cleaned house!

This morning it still wasn’t fixed so I called Go Daddy again. Turns out none of their fixes were working and they had to call in the real expert, “The Developer,” who apparently was the only one who could fix it.

Because now it is fixed, the SSL certificate is working and all is well….

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