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It’s been a couple of days since I posted anything new here at, and that’s because I have been busy with another… yes another… new project. My daughter wanted me to see if I could figure out how to put my art on fabric so that she could have custom dog collars made.

So, I found a website that makes custom fabric, wallpaper, and wrapping paper out of the designs you upload. And then I started uploading… so that’s where I’ve been hanging out this weekend.

The downside to the website is that before you can have anything for sale to the general public, you have to actually buy a sample. And that’s fine, because the whole point was to buy samples and make a bunch of cool dog collars.

But, of course now I have some pretty nifty potential wallpapers that I really want to paper a room with… which is really pricey even if it’s a small room… and which room? I need a house with 100 little rooms… LOL… and a bunch of money to spend on them.

So, here are a handful of images that I think will link directly to Spoonflower, in case anyone is interested.


forbidden love

Dark Nights


Electric Blue Mist



Decisions… Decisions…

Now that I’m hard at work on the upcoming Prosperity Project, I’ve been trying to decide how I want to go about sharing content that I have already posted on other mini-sites. Do I want to simply copy and paste them and have duplicate content? Or do I want to do a list of links and make all new content? And what about stuff that I’m going to share later on in the project, but which would be pertinent and appropriate for right now on the magick pages?

And what I have decided to do is NOT to worry about duplicate content and just do what feels least complicated and easiest for me. So, this means that much of what I share here may have been posted earlier, and will be posted again later on as part of the project, and I have decided that this is okay.

So, in a way, the links to posts about the Sun that I have shared here are a “sneak peak” at the Here Comes The Sun project. That being said, today we have the following:

Bringing In The Sun

Today appears to be the day that I actually start getting ready for the next Prosperity Project. This time around we are going to be harnessing the power of the Sun to bring us energy, prosperity, and all good things. It’s a 30 day project and most of the posts will be prescheduled, so I won’t be able to share all the links here today.

However, in anticipation of the project, I have uploaded the following posts, some of which will be shared as part of the project later on, and some of which are simply related to the Sun in one way or another.

Odds and Ends

I’m feeling a little bit at odds with myself because I want to get the Prosperity Project up and running, but it feels so daunting and mind absorbing that I don’t want to start on that on father’s day morning when I have places to go and things to do later on.

I was also thinking about Meme City, and all the memes that I’ve saved that are funny and clever, but that feels tedious and boring. Not because the memes are boring, but because I struggle with how to tag them and categorize them. And of course, I can’t just do one or two… it always ends up being 10 or 15. 🙂

I also want to make more mandalas and upload more stuff to Red Bubble and Middle of the Night Art, but that feels like a mind trap. Like I’ll go into a sort of a fugue state and make a gagillion mandalas and patterns. And by a gagillion, I mean a ridiculous number of them.

So… sigh… This is what I have done so far today:

Interesting and funny that I ended up with ladybugs and bees…

Obsessing In The Middle Of The Night

So, now that I’ve started working on the Middle of the Night Art site, I am obsessing over it and I can’t stop making new mandalas out of the drawings, and I just want to upload all of it at once to my Red Bubble shop, and I am even thinking about starting another series because I am once again in love with the drawings and the concept! It’s not really ready for the main site, but here’s a sneak peak at what I have gotten done so far:

There are also a few galleries, but since there is virtually nothing in them, I’m not putting the links here. Most of my time has been spent getting the site to look how I want it to look. Not quite there yet, but almost. Go check it out if you are interested. 🙂

A Few New Posts

Not a lot is new today, as I have a “regular” job with long hours and usually don’t get much posted here on the site during my work week. However… I did manage to put up a few new things:

Have you asked the receptionist a question yet? I did. I asked her what I should post next, and she told me that was the stupidest question she’d ever heard. LOL. So much fun!

Oh, and I have been working on Middle Of The Night Art, a brand new mini-site for the Art pages. It’s no where near done, but if you happen to be interested, here’s a sneak peak at the posts that I finished today:

A New Idea

Today I am going to try to implement a new idea for site news. My thought is that so much new content gets posted but goes unnoticed because I happen to be working on a little site that doesn’t get much traffic. So… it occurred to me that maybe I would try to post links to all the new stuff here on site news, on the day I post it. I’m not sure if I’m just making more work for myself, or if this will actually be useful and helpful.

Of course, today I am super busy and probably won’t get much posted, but here’s what’s new so far:

As the day progresses, I will come back to this post and add links. So, let’s see how it goes!

Support This Site

I’m sure that my regular visitors have noticed that the site has been running really really slow lately. That’s because we have exceeded our bandwidth and our storage resources. As a result, I had to upgrade the site to a larger (and more expensive) hosting plan. So…

Happy news! The deed is done, and we shouldn’t have any problems for a quite a while. On the down side, I am now looking for ways to pay for the upgrade that do not include annoying and invasive advertising. Right now, this website is ad free… I’d like to keep it that way!

So, if you love this site, and want to support it, you can! And it’s easy. Just visit my new RedBubble  shop: Magick Mama, and even if you don’t buy anything, at least you can like or share the designs that you think are cool. The more visitors I have, the more likes I have, the easier it is for people to find my designs and if I can get a decent amount of sales, that would really help with the costs of this website.

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