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I’m sure that my regular visitors have noticed that the site has been running really really slow lately. That’s because we have exceeded our bandwidth and our storage resources. As a result, I had to upgrade the site to a larger (and more expensive) hosting plan. So…

Happy news! The deed is done, and we shouldn’t have any problems for a quite a while. On the down side, I am now looking for ways to pay for the upgrade that do not include annoying and invasive advertising. Right now, this website is ad free… I’d like to keep it that way!

So, if you love this site, and want to support it, you can! And it’s easy. Just visit my new RedBubble  shop: Magick Mama, and even if you don’t buy anything, at least you can like or share the designs that you think are cool. The more visitors I have, the more likes I have, the easier it is for people to find my designs and if I can get a decent amount of sales, that would really help with the costs of this website.

Eye Have Been Busy!

Well, I had a bunch of days off for Thanksgiving weekend, and I spent them posting a ridiculous amount of stuff about eyes! Why eyes? Eye don’t know! But… there was so much of it, that I thought it deserved a shout out here. So… here ya go! Enjoy!

On Mandala Madness we have:

On the Coloring Pages we have:

On Hey It’s Me we have:

Current News

So, the hard drive in my lap top went south, and I lost a whole bunch of stuff I had collected to use on the various sites here at It was pretty traumatizing! Here’s the litany of loss:

  • My collection of over 100 hilarious memes that I hadn’t had time to share on Meme City yet … gone.
  • More than 60 coloring pages saved for the Coloring Pages … gone.
  • I had so many cool animated gifs… so many… now gone.
  • I had a very extensive collection of tiny icons that I use to make the templates for the mini sites … gone.
  • The templates for all the current mini sites …. gone.
  • The back up for the current static web pages … gone.
  • Seamless backgrounds for templates and web pages … I did manage to save some of them, but most of them are gone.
  • Collected information on mantras and meditation practices … gone.
  • All the pictures and information I had saved for next years projects on The Prosperity Project … gone.
  • My downloaded music … gone…. all of it… gone.

And then there’s the confusion factor. I did have a bunch of stuff saved from 2 years ago. But it wasn’t organized at all. Instead it was mixed in with stuff from 5 years ago… and beyond. So, it’s not simple anymore to know what images I’ve used and which ones I haven’t used… which tweaks my OCD in a major way because God Forbid !! I use the same picture on the same mini site twice!!

What does this all mean for the website?

Well, it means that I will have to painstakingly recreate each mini site template in order to update the sites for 2018… which means I will have to go on long exhausting searches for icons and background images… the same goes for the static web pages…. which means it will be a while before I get up the nerve and the energy to update any of them…. which means that I won’t be fixing the glitchy news feed banners anytime soon.

On a positive note!

So there is a very tiny … very slender … silver lining to all this. And that is… hmmmm…. and that is… wait, I’m thinking… something will come to me… I’m sure… Oh! OK!

On a positive note, I still do have a bunch of stuff on all my blogger blogs that need to be moved. I can still post like crazy on all the little mini sites. I did have a great reservoir of information saved over the years. And I have a library of books… and a brain… and my google search engine works just fine.

Also, interestingly… my bulging folder of cat stuff came through intact! How fun is that! I guess you could say it wasn’t a CATastrophe. LOL.

Going Batty

Looks like I’ve gone a little batty! This week I have posted quite a lot of information about bats. Here’s a list of links to the various posts. Enjoy!

New Stuff ~ Go Check It Out!

Check it out! We have a whole new page of cool new stuff. The Art Page is now open for business, and totally revamped. I love how it looks, and some fun new stuff to explore. Currently we have the following new art sites:

  • Cool Beans
    A nifty little site dedicated to all things art, art projects, and anything I find that is interestingly creative.
  • Coloring Pages
    These are the same coloring pages that are also featured on the Fun Page.
  • Go With The Flow
    A gallery of abstract art created by shirleytwofeathers.
  • Graffix
    A super cool collection of graphics, icons, banners, dividers, and seamless background textures.

I hope you find something fun and interesting!

Privacy Policy

So, it’s all about privacy. I love my privacy. I find the “big brother” aspect of the internet very intrusive and disturbing. And now, it seems I am required to post a privacy policy here at So. Basically, my policy is… I love my own privacy, and I am not the least bit interested in invading yours.

Is any of your information collected here on this site? Well, inevitably, some of it is. Sigh… But it’s not much, and it’s only for a few simple reasons.

  • Spam comments.

I have a plug in that effectively limits spam comments here on the site. If I didn’t have that little plug in, I’d be dealing with upwards of 1000’s of daily comments about viagra and cialis and god only knows what else. My plug in tracks ip addresses, and other small internet thingy’s (I’m not technically advanced at all), and blocks spammers. The current program is doing a great job, and I’m glad that it has collected those tiny tidbits of information, which is all done automatically.

  • Share This.

If I want people to share what I post, it really helps to have a “share this” option. This is a third party plug in, and I’m reasonably sure that they collect and track information like… I don’t know what… but the plug in is a freebee, so I’m sure they make their money some how. If you don’t want them to know anything at all about you, I’d suggest you share your favorite posts by copying and pasting the actual url or link to the post.

  • Visitor Stats.

So, I like to know what posts are getting the most views. It’s a nice ego boost, and knowing what my visitors are interested in helps me to decide what to research and post about. Also, it’s really nice to watch that visitor count go up every day. Gives me a reason to put in all the long hours that I put in here on the site, slaving away at my computer until late into the night. 🙂 I’m sure that the stat counter is some kind of data miner, how could it not be? But it’s pretty benign, I think, and you’d be hard pressed to find a website that doesn’t have one installed somewhere.

  • About Cookies

I don’t really know much about cookies, I have no clue as to how they are actually installed on a site, or how to get them, or anything about them. I do know that cookies allow my web browser to fill in my name and address on some forms, and I do know that google uses cookies like crazy! So, at first I assumed that my site probably did have cookies… but when I checked for cookies at the cookie checker, I came up with ZERO! So, if you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. And if it says I have cookies… Jeez! I am so sorry…would you like some milk to go with them? LOL… but seriously… you can disable cookies somewhere in your web browser settings.

  • But Wait There’s More

I didn’t know just how important it was to be super specific, technical, and detailed a privacy policy needed to be, so I found an example of a pretty good one, and posted it in all it’s glory here: Privacy Policy. I do hope to get a link to the new privacy policy page on each of the mini sites… but there are so many of them, that it will take me a while to get that done.

Three New Things!

We have three new mini sites up and running. How fun is that?

Over on the Fun Stuff pages, we have It’s A Cat Astrophe. Cats are what the internet was made for, don’t you know? So Come on over for lots of feline fun. It has memes, art, funny and cute pictures, stories, lore and lots of other cool stuff. Enjoy!

In the Healing Outside the Box section, we have Alternative Therapies. It’s an eclectic collection of different healing modalities and techniques. It might be worth checking out, who knows, you might find something interesting and useful!

But Wait ~ There’s More! Yes, it’s Totally Random. Who knows what you might run into on that little mini site. It’s full of odds and ends, useful and totally useless ideas and information.

Current News

It’s been a while since I posted here, so this is a small update.  My winter depression took me by surprise this year, and got the better of me early on. Usually I’m better prepared. So, I’ve spent the last several weeks being depressed and playing the Sims. I realized it was time to put the game away when I was trying to think about my favorite tree… and the only trees I could visualize in my mind were trees from my game.

What I love about the Sims is that I can make my people do what they need to do in order to be happy. It would be so great if I could do the same for myself in my real life, but the part of me that makes me do things I don’t want to do appears to be broken. Sigh…

Anyway, I’m back posting again. So much more is still to come, and I’m looking forward to filling up all the pages with cool and interesting stuff which will hopefully be useful to those of you who visit my little piece of the world wide web.

A Small Annoyance

So, now that there’s been a WordPress Update, the settings for the Popular Posts widget have changed, and I’m going to have to go through EVERY little site and fix it… sigh. Perfection is so elusive! I do intend to get there though, at some point.


Just Checking In

No major problems, no big updates, just a short note to say that things are perking along pretty smoothly. As usual, the Magick and Mystery sites are getting a lot of traffic, and I work hard to continue to add new content there. The Healing Pages are not getting as much attention as I would like to give them, I have added some new content, and I have so much more that I haven’t had time to upload… sigh.

The Inspirational Pages are coming along. I did add a bunch of quotes to Way Cool Quotes, and The Prosperity Project is getting ready for another 30 days beginning on Nov 15. I did add some memes and some pictures to the Fun Pages, trying to stay caught up with Halloween.

I hope I get some thanksgiving pics and memes uploaded pretty soon. The rest of the pages are just waiting for me to have more hours in the day, more days in the week, and more energy and brain power… So. Enjoy the site. I hope you find something interesting and informative!

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