Progress Reports

Yes I Am Still Here

I know it’s been a long time since I posted the last update, but I really have been working hard uploading new content. Here’s what’s new:

So there might be a little more here and there, but that’s the good stuff. Have fun exploring the site, I hope you find something interesting and inspiring.

Behind The Scenes

Here’s a quick look at what’s going on behind the scenes here at … LOL … It really does feel like this on most days. Currently, I just finished up a the latest Prosperity Project. Interested? Here’s an overview of the project: Five Simple Things – Project Overview. Other than that, nothing new today. Again… this picture says it all!

Coming Back Up

I think I might be slowly but surely making my way back up out of the rabbit hole I fell into yesterday. Its possible that I just might be finished with the Cedars and the Junipers… at least for now. Here’s what’s new:

Ok, so I know that doesn’t look like very much right here, but it was actually a lot of work. So… Now I am going to come up for air, maybe wash some dishes… do some laundry… I dunno… maybe even go outside!

So What’s Next?

I have been sitting here for almost a half hour trying to decide what to work on today. The highly informational posts about specific herbs on the Encyclopedia of Herbology are really interesting, and I love to write them, but they take forever to do and wear me out…. I have a ton of fun memes, but they get tedious after a while, and then I get bored…

I suppose I could do some magick spells, or divination stuff… hmmm….. And then there’s my personal blog, Hey It’s Me, I wonder if I have anything I’d like to talk about over there?

So I resolved the problem by spending an hour on Facebook … LOL. Anyway. I am done being distracted and I am finished with my procrastination. I am on my third cup of coffee and so here goes nothing:

I know it doesn’t look like much, but it’s pretty impressive. Go look at the post about Angelica and you will find all kinds of interesting information! Seriously, go look at it!

A Focus On Healing

So today I uploaded a series of practical hands on healing techniques which are easy and simple to try. My thought is that most of us are stuck at home, worried about our health and the health of our loved ones, so it might be both helpful and fun to explore a variety of healing techniques. Here’s what I have so far:

On a personal note, I experimented with the Blanket Forgiveness technique several weeks ago to see if it would heal a patch of eczema that had been driving me crazy. It worked amazingly well. Within about a minute or two the area began to feel cold, and then the intense itch was gone, and that particular spot has healed completely.  So it’s definitely worth playing around with.

Down The Rabbit Hole

I have been working on the Pagan Calendar, getting it updated for 2020, and it has been a long slow process. Every year I find better ways to keep track of the days and dates that change, but every year it gets longer and longer as more and more holidays are added.

My biggest issue this time around has been figuring out which posts didn’t actually make it to the A to Z and the 2020 Calendars because they were prescheduled, and published automatically. That’s because I can’t put a link to a post that hasn’t posted yet. So, it’s a tedious process of looking for what should be on the calendar but is not.

Also, I got really lazy about the A to Z page, and now I’m having to go through month by month and make sure that everything is actually there.

So, it’s slow… and boring… and sometimes confusing… and I do hope that it’s useful and worth the time and effort that I put into it every year.

Here are links to the newly updated pages and also a few new posts. I am no where near done, hopefully before the end of January it will be finished.

Current News

So, the hard drive in my lap top went south, and I lost a whole bunch of stuff I had collected to use on the various sites here at It was pretty traumatizing! Here’s the litany of loss:

  • My collection of over 100 hilarious memes that I hadn’t had time to share on Meme City yet … gone.
  • More than 60 coloring pages saved for the Coloring Pages … gone.
  • I had so many cool animated gifs… so many… now gone.
  • I had a very extensive collection of tiny icons that I use to make the templates for the mini sites … gone.
  • The templates for all the current mini sites …. gone.
  • The back up for the current static web pages … gone.
  • Seamless backgrounds for templates and web pages … I did manage to save some of them, but most of them are gone.
  • Collected information on mantras and meditation practices … gone.
  • All the pictures and information I had saved for next years projects on The Prosperity Project … gone.
  • My downloaded music … gone…. all of it… gone.

And then there’s the confusion factor. I did have a bunch of stuff saved from 2 years ago. But it wasn’t organized at all. Instead it was mixed in with stuff from 5 years ago… and beyond. So, it’s not simple anymore to know what images I’ve used and which ones I haven’t used… which tweaks my OCD in a major way because God Forbid !! I use the same picture on the same mini site twice!!

What does this all mean for the website?

Well, it means that I will have to painstakingly recreate each mini site template in order to update the sites for 2018… which means I will have to go on long exhausting searches for icons and background images… the same goes for the static web pages…. which means it will be a while before I get up the nerve and the energy to update any of them…. which means that I won’t be fixing the glitchy news feed banners anytime soon.

On a positive note!

So there is a very tiny … very slender … silver lining to all this. And that is… hmmmm…. and that is… wait, I’m thinking… something will come to me… I’m sure… Oh! OK!

On a positive note, I still do have a bunch of stuff on all my blogger blogs that need to be moved. I can still post like crazy on all the little mini sites. I did have a great reservoir of information saved over the years. And I have a library of books… and a brain… and my google search engine works just fine.

Also, interestingly… my bulging folder of cat stuff came through intact! How fun is that! I guess you could say it wasn’t a CATastrophe. LOL.

Three New Things!

We have three new mini sites up and running. How fun is that?

Over on the Fun Stuff pages, we have It’s A Cat Astrophe. Cats are what the internet was made for, don’t you know? So Come on over for lots of feline fun. It has memes, art, funny and cute pictures, stories, lore and lots of other cool stuff. Enjoy!

In the Healing Outside the Box section, we have Alternative Therapies. It’s an eclectic collection of different healing modalities and techniques. It might be worth checking out, who knows, you might find something interesting and useful!

But Wait ~ There’s More! Yes, it’s Totally Random. Who knows what you might run into on that little mini site. It’s full of odds and ends, useful and totally useless ideas and information.

Just Checking In

No major problems, no big updates, just a short note to say that things are perking along pretty smoothly. As usual, the Magick and Mystery sites are getting a lot of traffic, and I work hard to continue to add new content there. The Healing Pages are not getting as much attention as I would like to give them, I have added some new content, and I have so much more that I haven’t had time to upload… sigh.

The Inspirational Pages are coming along. I did add a bunch of quotes to Way Cool Quotes, and The Prosperity Project is getting ready for another 30 days beginning on Nov 15. I did add some memes and some pictures to the Fun Pages, trying to stay caught up with Halloween.

I hope I get some thanksgiving pics and memes uploaded pretty soon. The rest of the pages are just waiting for me to have more hours in the day, more days in the week, and more energy and brain power… So. Enjoy the site. I hope you find something interesting and informative!

The Latest News Update

I feel like I’m always “in the weeds.” Never enough time in the day… never enough days off… Halloween is coming, and then Thanksgiving and Christmas, and a whole new year!

I have been so crazy busy trying to keep up with the Book of ShadowsPagan Calendar, the Prosperity Project, and my “real” life, that I haven’t even thought about taking the time to post an update.

Some of the little mini sites haven’t had updates for several months… sigh… and I haven’t felt compelled to stay up until 3 am working on them because they aren’t getting much traffic anyway. It’s a catch 22. The sites that get a lot of traffic also get a lot of attention from me… which brings in more traffic. The sites that don’t get many page views per day, also don’t get many updates from me… which gives even less of a reason to visit them.

Yesterday, though, I did notice that the More Cool Pictures and Meme City have been getting some traffic, so I uploaded more memes and more cool pictures.

So, that’s the latest news update.

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