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It’s been several days since I’ve posted anything here at site news because the battery to my mobile broadband device went bad, and the only way to replace it was to get a whole new device from Sprint. So that whole ordeal took a while, and because I live out in the middle of nowhere, mobile broadband is my only access to the internet.


I did have some posts pre-scheduled over at The Prosperity Project, and they published as planned. Here’s the list, in case you are interested:

Note: Some of these were posted already on different mini-sites, and you may have seen them already.

People who know me were wondering what the heck I was going to do without access to my obsession (this website), and that’s because they underestimated the power of Red Bubble and my graphics programs.

So just what did I do with all that extra time on my hands? Not household chores… never that! I made a bunch of new stuff for my Red Bubble shop. Wanna see it? Here ya go! Oh, and by the way, each image is linked to the Red Bubble page where it can be found…  Enjoy!

And of course, I had to make mandalas.

Which took me down the path to… patterns… I love making patterns…

And these are just the ones that I uploaded to Red Bubble. There is a file folder full of all the ones I haven’t had time to finish up.

What does this all mean for the website? Well, it means that pretty soon I am going to be uploading a bunch of new graphics to my little Graffix site. It’s just a matter of getting them sized appropriately, and the time to do it. Plus, of course, I will be making a bunch more background textures in smaller sizes when I do that, because I can’t ever have enough seamless backgrounds in my graphics bank.

For Today We Have…

For today, we have not very much. This is because I am back to work at my “real” job, and not much time for working on the website. I do, however, have a couple of things.

Over on Alternative Therapies, I posted SunGazing, this same post will be coming up next week on The Prosperity Project.

And then I found some music that I really liked. I put the YouTube videos on Hey It’s Me so that I’d remember them next time I get on Amazon and spend a bunch of money. I love how different they are from each other.

And then I decided that it was getting really late, and high time to get off line, and chill my brain with an episode of Kill Joys, and go to bed.

Up And Running

Now that the website is up and running properly again, I’ve been working to finish up The Prosperity Project and getting the rest of it pre-scheduled, and (because I can) I am sharing them in advance on the little mini sites where they would be most appropriate.

Those sites, so far, include the Book of Shadows, Magickal Ingredients, and Meditation.

And when I went on an image search to illustrate this post, I found a wonderful collection of disasters depicted by a Guatemalan artist. You can find them over at More Cool Pictures.

Heading In

Today is off to a slow start because I can’t figure out where to go from here. I finally decided to start with some great quotes that I found yesterday, you will find them scattered around on various little sites, which are also worth exploring:

Then, because I could actually spend weeks uploading quotes, I am totally changing direction and putting up some information about Flower Essences:

Wow! The flower essence information took forever to research and post. So now what? Two people liked the Mandala Madness Facebook page today, so maybe some mandala stuff is in order:

Oh, and there is this Light Body Meditation also. Geez Louise! Looks like I posted a bunch of stuff on the website!

Household Chores Interfere

Today the posts will be pretty sparse, as I do have household chores to catch up on. I did, however do something really cool this morning. It was so cool that I posted it twice. Once on my personal blog, Hey It’s Me, and again over at Alternative Therapies.

Here are the links (redundant, I know):

When I get tired of the housework, and if I don’t get caught up in making art, or organizing a huge mess of stuff in my art room, I’ll probably be back to post some more. But if not, then, please enjoy my offering for today!

Feeling Discouraged

I really shouldn’t ever look at my stat counter reports because it always discourages me, especially when I know I have uploaded some really cool stuff, and nobody sees it. And then when page views go down… well… sigh…

And I keep telling myself that it really doesn’t matter, because I enjoy my website, I like how it challenges me to learn about all kinds of different stuff, and it gives me an easy way to save and share ideas and insights with family and friends.

Plus, it’s a complicated site, and not really in sync with the way things are normally done, so there’s that….

Also, there’s the Google thing. Google pretty much determines who sees what, and what gets seen when a person does a search. Their algorithms are tweaked to benefit Google’s bank account. And my website doesn’t do Google any financial favors. We are ad free. So there’s that!

So that’s my rant for the day. And now on to the posting of stuff that I have uploaded today:

This is a hot mess of a list. Most of the posts are random stuff that I wanted to clear out of folders because I am tired of looking at them. They can be found at More Cool Pictures, and Totally Random.

The Hawaiian Healing Technique is pretty interesting if you have never heard of Ho’oponopono. The 20 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity is a fun read. I might even try a couple of the things on the list. The Sign Of Purification post is a Native American Prophecy which you might find interesting.

Things I Remember really got to me. It’s what I remember about my childhood, and brought up a lot of old emotions. So, now I’m feeling done with the internet and ready for a some fresh air and a nap… or maybe just a nap.

Road Trip!

I will be heading out on a family weekend for the next couple of days, so there won’t be anything new posted on the website until I get back. I hope you have been enjoying these daily updates as much as I have been enjoying posting them! See you soon!

Onward We Go

This is the part of the week where I am really challenged because I am too busy with my “real” job and my “real” life to get much stuff posted, and at the same time I am getting more and more ideas… That being said, the one and only post I have uploaded today is a lot of fun!

I am not sure if I will get much more posted later on when I get home from work. If I do, I’ll add it here, and if I don’t … well … go check out my “Questions For God” post.

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