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It’s A Magickal Day

Today, I decided to see how many posts I could move from my old blogger magick blog over to their newer and better homes here at shirleytwofeathers.com. So far we have these:

Well, it’s not as much as I had hoped for, but I’m wrapping things up for the day. Enjoy! As always I hope you find something interesting, inspiring, and/or helpful.

And for today…

I am multi tasking today, simultaneously posting here on the website, and continuing to get my RedBubble shop updated.

Well that’s enough of that nonsense. Now it’s time to get caught up with The Prosperity Project.

Politically Incorrect

Today, I was going to get political and see if I could get a bunch of stuff posted and off my mind. But I got stuck in Meme City... so… I just stuck with stuff that I thought was funny. Maybe you will think it’s funny too… I hope so.


I don’t normally get too involved in politics, and I have never been known to unfriend or disassociate with someone just because we disagree on political issues. I like having access to both sides of any argument, and tend to keep a pretty open mind when it comes to just about everything.

That being said… proceed with caution if political stuff is a flash point for you.


So, The Prosperity Project is going pretty well. Here is a link to today’s post: Simple Thing #3. Feel free to join in any time. As for the rest of my day… I have so much that I want to share, so here goes with the easy stuff first.

Over at Way Cool Pictures, it’s all about the furniture:

More Cool Pictures is a mixed bag:

Over on Hey It’s Me, I posted the following:

And that’s all for right now. Stay tuned. I hope you find something you enjoy or find useful and interesting.

Odds and Burnt Ends

Odds and burnt ends… LOL… just posting a bunch of miscellaneous stuff all over the place trying to clean out some folders and get the easy stuff out there.

There’s more to come later, but real life has intervened. Stay tuned.

Going For The Gold!

So, it’s on! Yes. Once again I’m plunging into a new Prosperity Project. It’s never too late to join the fun, and if it sounds interesting, you might want to give it a go. Curious? You can find out more here: About The Project.

I try to get a bunch of stuff prescheduled so that it automatically shows up at the crack of dawn and  I’m not scrambling at the last minute every day to get it posted. The best way to participate is to subscribe via email (there’s a link for that on The Prosperity Project) or follow it on Facebook. In the mean time, here are the links so far:

Also, I found a bunch of cool pictures in my long involved image search for the prosperity project posts. On Way Cool Pictures we have:

And over on More Cool Pictures we have these:

There’s more, but my laptop needs to install updates and cool off. So this is it for now. Enjoy!

All Over The Place

First it was all about Mulberries…

Then there were ants…

After that, things got a little cloudy..

And there were some cooking disasters…

I had hoped to get more stuff uploaded, but this is actually quite a lot. So I’m wrapping it up for today. I hope you find something fun and interesting. Enjoy!

Taking Time

I am still trying to catch up with all the stuff I researched when my internet was down, and it’s really slow going… partly because I am back at work, so my physical energy is low… partly because I’m really wanting to move on to something new and different… partly because politics, race issues, and covid are wearing me out emotionally… and partly because, well, I don’t know but I’m sure there is something else…

Anyway. I’m doing my best to get everything up. So even though Lilac season has come and gone, I do finally have a bunch of info and recipes:

Lots of yummy recipes! I think I must be hungry because.. over at Way Cool Pictures we have:

And then, we have this over at More Cool Pictures:

So that’s it for today, and maybe even for the next couple of days as I have a bunch of “real life” stuff to take care of. In the mean time, Enjoy!

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