It’s About Time!

Suddenly, almost a month ago, my mobile broadband device blew up. I tried to get it replaced by calling Sprint, but interestingly, they couldn’t help me if I couldn’t verify my account via email… which I couldn’t access with no internet… not to mention we are in the middle of a pandemic and on lock down…

Anyway, lots of stuff happened… hours of bitching… sitting on hold… cussing… bitching… whining and complaining… more stuff happened… on hold for hours and hours…  trips to the Sprint store… bla bla bla…

Finally… 3 1/2 weeks later, a not quite right but usable mobile broadband device has made its way to my house and I have internet again… so YAY!

And now I will be blogging like a madwoman. Have fun exploring all the new stuff! Which I will be posting asap! The links to all the new posts will show up here as they are published. Stay tuned!

So far these are new posts at the Book of Shadows , Magickal Ingredients, Magickal Apothecary, The Aromatic Healers, Eating To Live , Feathers and Bones, Way Cool Pictures, More Cool Pictures, and Cool Beans.

Ok… I have run out of time in my day. So I will leave you all with a couple of new and hilarious memes over at Meme City. Have fun!

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