Various spirits are renowned ghost busters. Sometimes even an image or amulet bearing their name is sufficient to send ghosts packing. Here’s a list:

  • Baron Samedi – Master of the Cemetery
  • Berchta – Bavarian Goddess of Abundance
  • Ereshkigal – Great Lady Beneath the Earth
  • Hades – Greek Lord of Death
  • Hekate – Queen of the Night
  • Kali – Great Mother
  • Kamakhya -Tantric Goddess
  • Khadiravani – Tara of the Forest
  • La Madama – Puerto Rican Spirit
  • La Santissima Muerte – The White Girl
  • Lord of T’ai Shan – Emporer of the Eastern Peak
  • Ma Zu – Princess of Supernatural Favor
  • Mania – Mother of Ghosts
  • Nergal – Lord of Mass Destruction
  • Osiris – Lord of the Far World
  • Oya – Santeria Orisha
  • Pali Kongju – The Rejected Princess
  • Persephone – Queen of the Underworld

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