579386_503617566359345_782989581_nMethods of working with Spirits have remained fairly consistent over millennia and all over the world. It’s called working because you are not a passive recipient. People don’t just sit back and wait for generous spirits to shower us with blessings. Relationships between people and spirits are symbiotic, that means mutually beneficial. They work for us because we work for them.

Adoration or a deep affinity or love for a specific Spirit or Deity is one common path to developing a working relationship. Perhaps a certain Spirit may fascinate and enthrall you. Maybe you have incredible respect for a particular Spirit, and perceive it as a role model, a shining example, a symbol of courage or fortitude, extreme beauty, virtue, or generosity.

You might then begin to collect images or objects associated with the Spirit, possibly your collection becomes an altar. When you do this, you create a portal with a welcome mat. Your intensity of focus attracts the attention of the Spirit or Deity, and you begin to feel a deeper connection. And thus, the relationship, the conversation, begins.

If you don’t feel particularly drawn to any one member of the Spirit world, but you need help now, here’s a simple method you can use:

  • Identify a spirit who can help you or the spirit who is your personal patron.
  • Familiarize yourself with this spirit –  are you comfortable requesting their assistance.
  • Respectfully but straightforwardly and clearly articulate what you seek, going into as much detail as needed. You cannot be too clear and precise.

Nothing in life is free. This is important: If there is a single key word that must be remembered about working with spirits, it is reciprocity. Relationships between people and spirits are mutually beneficial: in other words, spirits expect to receive something in return for favors rendered; even if that is only sincere gestures of love and veneration.

Spirits don’t want your soul or your firstborn. Put the knife down; no need to draw up a contract in your own blood. There’s no need for a written contract at all. That’s all propaganda intended to induce fear.

In general, spirits seek veneration, relationships, some care and feeding, good deeds on their behalf, and gestures and testimonials to their power and generosity. Thus, the final two steps of working with spirits:

  • Explain precisely what it is that you will give in return and exactly when the spirit should expect payment. Never promise something you know you can’t or won’t deliver.
  • If the spirit fulfills its end of the bargain, make sure that you fulfill yours too.

Spirits frequently work through people. We are their hands, tools, mouths, servants, and messengers, albeit often unknowingly. Although you are petitioning a spirit, do not be surprised to find a miracle arriving via human hands.

Believing in Spirits is not necessary. What is required is the belief in the possibility that maybe there is something that just maybe there is something out there that can help you. If it doesn’t, well, there you are back in the same place where you started, problems and all. If you are helped, however, then it’s crucial to acknowledge the reality of what helped you, even if only to yourself and the spirit.

Source: Encyclopedia of Spirits

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