Antahkarana Multiple Symbol Square

The square multiple symbol made of sixteen symbols will break up blocked and congested energy, and get stuck energy moving. This symbol can also scatter your energy so it is recommended that you follow its use with the single male symbol to create centering and grounding.

This three dimensional symbol is used in Reiki. It has its own consciousness and works directly with your aura and chakras causing deep healing.

More about this ancient symbol, along with suggestions on how to use it, can be found in this post: The Antahkarana. Here’s a black and white image to download and experiment with:


2 Responses to Antahkarana Multiple Symbol Square

  • good article on antah karana symbols.kindly advise how tro use square symboland how to ground with male symbol? Also is it safe to use multiple square for longer periods?

    Would you please throw some light on multiple square symbol as how to use it and on which part or chakra of the body it should be used. also, is it safe to use multiple square symbol for longer period. I read some where that it should not be used continuously for more than twenty hours.One should not be exposed to it for this said time as it removes first negative energy and after twenty hours or so it removes positive energy also.Also please guide how to remove knee pain etc with Male or Female symbol alongwith reiki. Thanks. Love and Light

    • To ground with the male symbol would mean that after using the square, put it away, and then use the male symbol to ground the energy. This is not a symbol that should be used continuously, and I would say that it would be best used in moderation. I am not convinced that it removes positive energy ever… however it does have a scattering effect. To use Reiki with the symbols, simply place the symbol under the chair, or wherever you are sitting or lying down, and then do the Reiki as usual. More about Reiki and these symbols can be found here: Twofeathers Reiki

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