Prayer to Cerridwen

What follows is a prayer to Cerridwen with the ancient chant incorporated therein:

O, Source of Wisdom, hear me speak.
Cauldron of plenty give forth your power.
Let your Wisdom bring nuturance to those of us who need you.

Ancient Chant of the Goddess Cerridwen

Enter the Shrine:
Step Forward
Look back
See the psychic power in your track.
Ask the of the Goddess what you are seeking,
then offer Her a prayer.

Chant the ancient chant three times,
and your answer will be there:

Amores Cerridwen
calami carbones stultorum moenia chartee
calami carbones stultorum monia chartee

So mote it be.

Found at: Gaia Moon

One Response to Prayer to Cerridwen

  • Cerridwen came to me in a dream…rather i went into a cave to her. My deceased grandmother led me by my arm into the cave. I thought possibly it was the norns but the more i research my experience im beginning to think it was her. Ive been trying to figure out what it was that she put in my hand. It looked like a red button. She was chanting the whole time that she walked closer and closer to me. i was terrified. My grandmother held open my hand and there was a red circle there and she touched me with her pointer finger and she said BOOM! I woke up sweating and freaking out!!

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