Sunrise In The Garden

East, we enter the Dawn. The robyn comes, heralding youth and new beginning. Richness, color, growth, childlike innocence, deep rain, longer sun to linger. In what we have been given, tending to our lives to the richness, the color, the ability to share appreciation in silence or with words and action.

Are you tending to your garden? What do you want to grow and flourish? Give it attention, give it appreciation, call understanding, time. Spend some time watching nature unfold. Enjoy today; it is whatever you have been given to tend.

What are you creating? Are you moving at a pace that gives you life instead of draining or over-extending your life force? Spend an hour in the garden with the hummingbirds or the blossoms, warming into their fullness. They don’t think about it for very long… all they need is a little warmth, a little light.

Shine your light, extend your warmth. And notice how the glorious people and work in your life respond, opening in fullness, offering life to your energy.

If not it may be a time for pruning, so next years garden can flourish in the branches of mutual acknowledgement and appreciation. The garden always responds when tended.

Listen during the sunrise – listen. There is a story here. Every day a new step, a new grace, a new opportunity to listen fully. Listen every morning – she has a gift for you.

Be creative. Create, write, dance, play, sing, take photos – something that enriches your own heart that will serve the next seven generations. If it serves to make you happy the next seven generations will feel that and it will make the world better.

Commit to media that inspires – poems, songs, film – bring media into your home that fuels and nourishes the soul, the Beauty Way in your nature. If it does not inspire, don’t watch, listen, or allow it in your environment.

Notice richness. What nourishes your life? Give everything to it; allow yourself to revel in gratitude.

What a great blessing. Thank you for your gifts. Thank you for your interest in a life of Sacred Intention.

May this serve the highest good.
In Beauty – With great love,
Char Sundust

Shared on Facebook by Shanna Wood

Crow Moon

Here’s the story line posted with the video:

An animated short created in my spare room! A flock of roosting crows, black as night themselves, are threatened by the advancing shadows at dusk. They need light for protection so with the help of the Raven Chief they take a piece of the sun and use it to save themselves from the darkness.

Found on: YouTube

The Golden Waterfall of Peace and Blessings

Golden Dakini
The Golden Waterfall of Peace and Blessings


I am the Dakini of calming, healing, and making whole
I am invoked when the meditator is tired, disillusioned, or sad
I come to aid those who have tried sincerely but have not the strength
To fight their way to liberation
I strengthen the weak, and bring idealism and compassion
I have them help themselves on their own path
by helping others.

What does spirituality mean?
It is more than renunciation, more than ambition, more than fighting temptation
It is helping the world as you pass through it
It is sanctifying all aspects of life and blessing them
It is seeing the divine in all things.

As a Dakini, I am a spiritual guide and inspirational muse
I nurture people along the path
I encourage them towards liberation
As the spirit seeks ever-greater beauty and freedom

I am the loving mother, the wise grandmother, and the charming beloved
I take many forms shining with the light of peace
When I appear in meditation, my light falls like a golden waterfall
Shining all around turning everything beautiful
I give patience and understanding, charity, and a desire to help
Those who know me look at the world in a different way.

I cannot solve all problems
I am not a god
But I am a helper, and in helping I find joy
I soothe the pains of loneliness, rejection, and false pride
I bring people to see truth

Visualize me sitting on a golden lotus,
against a golden setting sun
The lotus floats on waters that are deep blue and green
The sky is gold and pale blue
I wear golden jewelry and pearls,
and gold and white silk
My vajra crown is also made of gold
My face is smiling, and my long dark hair is graceful and curling
I hold a mirror and a mala of yellow topaz.

My music makes warm winds
and flows through nature
Like a breath of sweet air through a field of sunflowers
Meditation holds the danger of becoming rejecting and hard of heart
The danger of pride, hatred, anger, and superiority
I wash these away with my golden light
I give a path of peace and blessing
So that the seeker may walk a clear path
And the pebbles turn golden at his feet.

From: Buddha Nature

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