Odds and Ends, Randomly Useful and Totally Useless Ideas and Information


A is for Arya, lethal and small

B is for Bran. Things began with a fall.

C is for Cersei and her horrible ways,

D is for Dany – her children ablaze!

E is for Eddard and his runaway head.

F is for Freys, who drink til they’re dead.

G is for Ghost (who we’d like to see more),

H is for Hodor, who held back the door.

I is for Ilyn, who does what he’s told,

J is for Jamie, and his right hand of gold.

K is for Khal Drogo, better off dead,

L is for Lyanna, “Promise me, Ned!”

M is for Melly and her Lord of Light,

N is for Night’s Watch. Their clothes aren’t bright.

O is for Lady Olenna, the Boss,

P is for Petyr. Ladder of chaos.

Q is for Qyburn, who loves the undead,

R is for Rhaegar. Secretly wed.

S is for Sweetrobin and his favorite beverage,

T is for Tyrion. His wit is his leverage.

U is for Unsullied, who sit down to wee,

V is for Varys. Also hunkers to pee.

W is for Walder and his savory pie,

X is for Xaro Xhoan. Locked up to die.

Y is for Ygritte, who claims Jon knows nothing,

Z is for Zombies. Look out, cause they’re coming!

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