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For those of us with inquiring minds, here is a vert simple infographic detailing the basic differences between the three systems of measuring the temperature.

  • Fahrenheit = Really Cold Outside
    100° Fahrenheit = Really Hot Outside
  • Celsius = Fairly Cold Outside
    100° Fahrenheit = You’re Dead
  • Kelvin = You’re Dead
    100° Kelvin = You’re Dead

So there you have it! A nice little tidbit of information that is probably useful for absolutely nothing at all!

This nifty infographic shows you how to measure remaining daylight with your hand! Here’s how it works:

  • 1. Face The Sun

Face the sun and extend your arm in front of you so that your palm faces toward you and your fingers are parallel to the horizon.

  • 2. Position Your Index Finger

Position your index finger so that it rests just below the sun, and your pinky finger is parallel to the horizon.

  • 3. Count The Number

Count the number of fingers it takes to reach the sun from the horizon. Each ascending finger represents 15 minutes until the sun sets.

  • 4. If Space Allows

If space allows, line up your other hand directly below and continue counting. Each hand represents approximately one hour.

This is a sampling of an old old mathematics book, not sure when it was published, or what the name of it is. I looked for copies the whole thing, but these were the only images I could find. As you can see this was back in the day when multiplication tables were memorized.

Here’s a page from a similar but different book. This one is in color, and has decorative borders. Notice the hand sewn binding. Very cool.

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