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Everything happens for a reason and we never meet anyone by mere coincidence. We must always remember this.

No matter what you are going through it has meaning and it will push you to where you need to be. Synchronicities for those who do not know are essentially ‘meaningful coincidences.’ They are people coming into our lives to show us things and even having things happen that begin a chain reaction. Synchronistic connections come in many forms.

Everyone who comes into our lives has something to teach us. We all learn from one another on some level whether you notice it or not. Some people come into our lives to tear us apart and others are merely here to grow with us.

Below you will find the 6 most common kinds of people you will come in contact with in life. These are all synchronistic connections.

6 Types Of Synchronistic Connections:

  • Those who come to remind you

These people come into our lives to remind us of something important. They evoke knowledge from within us and help us to understand it. These people can and will remain marked on your soul for eternity whether they are permanently a part of your life or not.

  • Those who make you grow

These people are the teachers of our souls. They come into our lives to help us become better versions of ourselves. They are there for us in our time of need and because of them, we are able to better understand who we are and who we are meant to be.

  • Those who are here to stay

These are the people who remain a part of our life forever. They are your support system and they come in when you need them most. You will have far too many to count experiences with these people and your bond will be far stronger than anything you could have ever imagined.

  • Those who come to awaken you

These people come into our lives to shake our reality. They are often those who we wish we had never met but learned a lot from. Not everyone you encounter is positive. Negativity is important when it comes to growing as well. The Universe knows what you can and cannot handle far better than you do.

  • Those who hold space for you

These are the people who come into our lives for a mere moment. They are people who pass you by and yet still are able to make you feel less alone in the world. You may only share a few words with them or even just a glance. These people make an impact when you need one the most.

  • Those who are meant to leave

These people were never going to be there for long. They are sent to you so that you can learn from them and as I mentioned above not every learning experience has to be a positive one. These are the people who come into your life and make you fall in love only to break your heart.

Source: Awareness Act

We are currently in the middle of an incredibly powerful time in the Universe, a cosmic shift that is calling us to awaken and embrace a higher form of self. Are you currently traveling this spiritual path towards awakening and truth?

Here on Earth we are born into and reside in the three-dimensional plane, however, our ‘lightbody’, a higher, spiritual self, has access to the 4th and 5th-dimensional planes where all is possible. On these planes, we are no longer bound by the limitations that we experience here. Instead, the world is in the palm of our hand. The only way to make this transition is to embrace the change that is made available to us, allowing this higher self to be activated within us.

As the cosmic energy shift, it will activate specific cells within the body. This early stage is one that we can’t stop, however, by embracing it we can follow this divine bath and achieve spiritual greatness. Don’t hinder your growth and opportunity. Open your mind, heart, and soul to the changes before you.

During the activation of these cells, we will experience a higher frequency moving throughout us. This can cause a number of physical and mental side effects. Do you feel like something is ‘off’, but you can’t quite identify what’s happening? It may be the sign that you are embarking on greater things.

Watch For These 34 Signs That You Are Experiencing A Lightbody Activation:
  • Sore or itchy eyes, changes in vision including the appearance of anomalies, ‘sparkling’, orbs, waves, or ‘tunnel vision.’
  • Slight heart palpitations which, while uncomfortable, are not frightening.
  • Increased empathy, compassion and sensitivity.
  • Feeling the need to avoid large groups of people at all costs.
  • Reflective memories or flashbacks to a past life, reflective periods or daydreaming.
  • Experiences of lucid dreaming in which you are fully aware and present in your dreams, and able to manipulate them as though they are real.
  • Increased flexibility and loosening of the body, including the spine.
  • ‘Coincidentally’ turning up at the right time for the right people with no real explanation as to why.
  • Aversion to spending time near or around specific people or places with no explanation as to why you feel this way.
  • The need to regularly stretch your entire body.
  • Increased sensitivity to crystals, stones, and minerals.
  • Nausea that presents itself similarly to motion sickness or sea sickness.
  • Changes to your hearing including a buzzing or humming sound.
  • Regularly waking up between 3 AM and 5 AM.
  • Heightened psychic awareness.
  • Increased awareness of the behavior and feelings of birds and animals.
  • Whole body shaking.
  • The feeling that people are constantly staring at you, or that people don’t see you at all.
  • The appearance of repeated number sequences regularly in your life.
  • Ears popping with no change in elevation.
  • Yo-yoing between feeling completely stable and grounded, and feeling as though you are completely out of this world.
  • Seeing symbols or patterns regularly in your life, as if receiving a message from the spiritual plane.
  • Strong ‘gut feelings’ leading you to say or do things that somehow always work in your favor.
  • Difficulties with focus and concentration, finding oneself easily distracted.
  • Increased awareness of the existence of multiple dimensions, spiritual beings, guides, entities, and your higher self.
  • A craving for meditation in order to balance and center your mind, body, and soul.
  • Awareness of the appearance and importance of synchronicity in your life.
  • Interesting sensations targeted at the location of the body’s major chakras including, but not limited to, hot/cold spots, clapping, banging, tingling or aching.
  • Complete loss of appetite.
  • Curiosity about the bigger meaning or purpose in life, political awakening.
  • Recognition of the negative role that stress plays in your life.
  • Feeling of lightness or weightlessness in your limbs, hands, and feet.
  • Cravings for sweets, ‘junk food’ or stimulants to provide you with much-needed energy.
  • Loss of ambition and motivation to seek something more, belief in the freedom that can only come from living a simpler life.

Source: Awareness Act

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