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Believe it or not, there was a time when, instead of photographs, scientists made detailed drawings documenting the natural world. Ernst Haeckel was one such scientist/artist. Here is a collection of some of his drawings. I think they are pretty amazing!

Not all of the illustrations are in black and white or monochrome. Some are in color and very beautiful. You can find a large collection over on More Cool Pictures, and also over at Mandala Madness.

I believe they were originally published in this book:

The Singing Tree is a musical sculpture standing on a hill (Crown Point) overlooking Burnley, UK. From far away, the tree’s profile is visible on the horizon. The tree is constructed of stacked pipes that are different lengths and are oriented to lean into the wind. As the wind passes through the pipes, it plays different chords. Each time you sit under the tree, you will hear a different song.

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