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Animal shelters share life hacks and tips that any pet owner might like to adopt,

Who are the masters of improvisation? Animal people, that’s who! Even when shelters and rescues are limited on time, budget or people (sound familiar?), they step up to the plate to make sure animals have top-notch care. Scroll through this list of tips and tricks to grab some inspiration from the field—staff, volunteers and fosters who are out there working their magic helping animals with the resources they have available.

We all know about recycling paper, plastic, and aluminum. Here is a list of 10 recyclable things you may not have known about.

  • Appliances:

Many stores will recycle your old appliance when you purchase a new one. Goodwill accepts working appliances. Go to goodwill.org, or you can contact the Steel Recycling Institute to recycle them.

  • Athletic Shoes:

One World Running will send still-wearable shoes to athletes in need in Africa, Latin America, and Haiti. Nike’s Reuse-a-shoe program turns old shoes into playground and athletic flooring.

  • Batteries:

Contact batteryrecycling.com.

  • Clothes:

Wearable clothes can go to your local Goodwill outlet or shelter. Donate wearable women’s business clothing to the nonprofit Dress for Success, which gives them to low-income women as they search for jobs. You can also offer unwearable clothes, blankets, and sheets to local animal boarding and shelter facilities, which often use them as pet bedding.

  • Compact flourescent bulbs (CFL):

Take them to your local IKEA store for recycling. You can also order a Sylvania RecyclePak.

  • Computers and Electronics:

To find the most responsible recyclers go to ban.org.

  • Foam Packing Peanuts:

Your local pack-and-ship store will likely accept these for reuse. Or call the Plastic Loose Fill Producers Council at 800-828-2214 to find a drop-off site. For places to drop off foam blocks for recycling, contact the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers at 410-451-8340.

  • Ink/Toner cartridges:

Visit recycleplace.com.

  • Oil:

Find used motor oil hotlines for each state at recycleoil.org.

  • Phones:

Collective Good will refurbish your phone and sell it to someone in a developing country. Call to Protect reprograms cell phones to dial 911 and gives them to domestic violence victims.

source: Green America Today

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