Sign of the Alder Tree

If you were born between March 18 and April 14 then your sign in Celtic tree astrology is the Alder Tree. If you are an Alder sign within the Celtic tree astrology system, you are a natural-born pathfinder. You’re a mover and a shaker, and will blaze a trail with fiery passion often gaining loyal followers to your cause. You are charming, gregarious and mingle easily with a broad mix of personalities. In other words, Alder signs get along with everybody and everybody loves to hang around with you. This might be because Alder’s are easily confident and have a strong self-faith. This self-assurances is infectious and other people recognize this quality in you instantly.

Alder tree people are charismatic, sociable and get along well with people from many backgrounds. People are instantly attracted to their charm. They are the people who will naturally carve their own path even if it seem impossible.

The Rest of the Story:

  • Ruling DeityBran the Blessed
  • Also known asThe Trailblazer
  •  Ogham letter: Fern
  • Animal: Fox, Hawk or Raven
  • Compatible with: Oak and Birch

Historically it was believed by the Celtics that the Alder tree gave you courage to tackle the things that you have been trying to avoid. The energy of the Alder tree is exhilarating and being near one can reduce anxiety and worry.

If the Alder Tree is your Celtic zodiac sign, you’re quite brave and have both the power and desire to make your own way in the world. It isn’t always an easy way that you make, but you have plenty of courage to overcome obstacles.

Your passionate nature makes it easy for you to gain followers. While you get along with everyone, you have little patience for people who are shallow or fake.

You enjoy taking action and don’t like it when your time is wasted. Your determination and self-confidence make you a great ally, but when it comes to fighting, you prefer to fight your own battles. It’s a rare adversary that can stand in your way.

Your biggest challenge is learning when it is time to fight and when it is time to let things remain as they are.

Alder tree people are the upwardly mobile in the Celtic tree zodiac. They will find a passion for a cause in life and amass a circle of loyal supporters to carve out a new trail.

Alder tree signs are very focused and dislike waste. Consequently, they can see through superficiality and will not tolerate fluff. Alder people place high value on their time, and feel that wasting time is insufferable. They are motivated by action and results.

Alder people are self confident and are easily self assured and have strong self-faith. This self-assurance is contagious and other people recognize this quality in them right away.

Alder people are very focused and dislike waste. They are able see through superficiality and will not tolerate fake people. They place high value on their time, and feel that wasting time is unbearable. They are motivated by action and results.


Alder tree people have a very strong will that makes them bold, with a strong desire to experience new adventures and new places. They don’t like to waste their time and always need to stay busy or moving.

Their strong discipline will take them to new challenges which they will meet with self confidence and inner strength. These challenges will seem like a breeze because Alder tree zodiac people are very powerful and will always find a way to make it on their own in the world.

Alder people are genuine and courageous. Their sincerity and personal strength make them very focused with strong faith that is motivated by results. They could find financial success through strategic investments.


Alder people can be nervous and wishy-washy. Due to their selfish nature, they sometimes need to take a break to consider the outcome of their actions. They will sometimes go full out for the object of their desires and then suddenly lose interest.

If the object of their desires is a love interest, this may sometimes hurt them in the process. In relationships they can come across as self absorbed. Their desire to get everything done quickly makes them extremely impatient at times.

In their career if something does not pan out for them immediately, they tend to give up quickly and lose interest. The thrill of the hunt can be more attractive to them than actually getting what they desire.

Alders can come across as very domineering at times because they do not like to take orders from other people. They tend to say the first thing on their mind which gets them in trouble with many people.

New Moon Alder:

If you were born during the first two weeks of the Celtic Alder Zodiac Sign, you are a New Moon Alder. You can be restless and indecisive. You are quite sincere and brave in all that you do, but sometimes you need to remember to step back and look at the bigger picture, asking yourself what will happen if you go forward.

Full Moon Alder:

If you were born during the last two weeks of the Celtic Alder Zodiac Sign, you are a Full Moon Alder. You are persuasive and confident. You do well when there is a crisis. You are quite sensual, enjoying sex, rich food and luxury…but sometimes you need to remember to curb your jealousy. You do well financially, and might find your greatest financial success through investments.

Sources: Celtic Tree Astrology, and Sun Signs and Astrology of the Ancients

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