Sign of the Ash Tree

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People born between  February 18 and March 17 are said to belong to the Sign of the Ash. Those born under this Celtic tree astrology sign are free thinkers. Imaginative, intuitive, and naturally artistic, you see the world in water-color purity. Others may think you are reclusive, but in all honesty, you are simply immersed in your own world of fantastic vision and design. You are in a constant state of self-renewal and you rarely place a value on what others think about you.

  • Gemstone Coral
  • Animal Black and white gull or common tern
  • Deity Lir
  • Flower Wood Anemone
  • Tree Ash
  • Planet Neptune
  • Also known as – The Enchanter
  • Compatible Partners – Willow and Reed

People born under this sign have a tendency to moody and withdrawn at times, but that’s only because their inner landscape is in constant motion. They are in touch with their muse, and easily inspired by nature. Likewise, they inspire those they associate with and people seek them out for their enchanting personalities. Art, writing (especially poetry), science, and theology (spiritual matters) are areas that strongly interest them.

Ash people have a duality to their nature. On one side they are artistic and appear vulnerable, on the other they are quite pragmatic. They possess a great deal of compassion and understand the baser elements of man as well as the more spiritual. Their compassion also extends into the animal kingdom. They have an innate ability to relieve the suffering of others both by practical nursing and by the power of prayer. Their faith is often not orthodox in the religious sense but they are highly intuitive and often have a strong deeper sense of spiritual matters. They are highly adaptable people and despite their frail appearance can recover from almost any emotional blow.

On the more negative side, they often have trouble handling the more mundane practicalities of everyday living. They are also too easily influenced by others. They are often low on self confidence and have a tendency towards isolating themselves from others. They have a creative genius for making money but often fail to carry things to completion. They require careful direction as children in order to learn to use these talents to their fullest.

Ash people tend to have a rather mystical quality about them and are drawn to fantasy worlds. They love the theater and movies. They are usually attracted to the ocean or any other body of water either with great fascination or great fear. There is no in-between when it comes to their feelings about water. Their career choice should never involve too strict a routine. The arts are a good choice but because of their compassionate nature they are often attracted to the medical field. They are also good at organizing charity functions.

They are very gentle people and are easily hurt, yet they are well able to cope with the negative as well as the positive. They are kind and considerate friends although they are sometimes lost in a fog. Ash people are great lovers and caring parents. They are romantics and dreamers and often seem to have one foot in the land of the Sidhe.

This wealth of Celtic Tree lore is thanks to Eco Witch from Pagan
And Celtic Tree Astrology


Not all sources are in agreement. From Wicca Chat we have the following:

Birth dates:

  • May 25 to Jun 03
  • Nov 22 to Dec 01

Key word: Ambition

Persons born under this sign tend to be uncommonly attractive, vivacious, impulsive, demanding, does not care for criticism, ambitious, intelligent, talented, likes to play with fate, can be egotistic, very reliable and trustworthy, faithful and prudent lover, sometimes brains rule over the heart, but takes partnership very seriously.

Source: Wicca Chat
Art from: Art and Perception

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