A Myriad Of Healing Methods

No matter which system is used, some people are healed through it, some people are not healed through it, some people are healed without it, and some people are healed in spite of it.

Different people in different places and times have, naturally, come up with different ideas about the causes and cures for illness and other physical problems. Human creativity in the healing field is a wondrous thing to behold. The concepts and practices held dear by one culture may be scorned or laughed at by another.

When the attempts at recovery and help are effective, the person gets better.

The best way for you to get the results you want is to understand how healing works. Here are some of the ways that are used around the world to heal the body. It is worth noting that many of these methods have often been used successfully (alone or in combination) for the same illnesses.

Physical Methods

Physical methods include herbs, drugs, other medicines, diet and nutritional supplements, surgery and bone-setting, chiropractic and massage, exercise, deep breathing, enemas and colonics, fasting, electricity and magnetism.

Emotional Methods

Affection and attention, laughter and play, anger release, fear confrontation, forgiveness, color, aroma, and music ~ all these fall into the category of emotional methods of healing.

Mental Methods

Mental methods of healing are mainly comprised of placebos, hypnosis and self-hypnosis, talk therapy, guided imagery, visualization, positive thinking, affirmation, and meditation.

Spiritual and Metaphysical Methods

On the spiritual and metaphysical side of healing, we have pyramids and crystals, aura cleansing and psychic surgery, therapeutic touch, homeopathy and flower remedies, acupuncture, acupressure and applied kinesiology, telepathy and radionics, prayer, faith, ritual, soul retrieval, and “spontaneous remission.”

This is really amazing. If they body can be healed by all these different methods – and there are countless case histories to support the healing effects of each one – then it seems clear that each and every method is just a means by which one thing, the actual healing process, takes place.

No one theory of the healing process can be considered adequate when another gets the same effect. Therefore, something else is happening instead of, or in addition to, what the theorists say.

Healing starts when there is a need for it. When a person gets into a state of disharmony (illness, disease, injury, and the like), the body responds by trying to recover on its own. Sometimes an individual consciously tries to help, with or without the aid of others. Sometimes others try to help the individual, with or without his conscious help. As noted above, there are many varied ways to help the body heal.

From: Instant Healing by Serge Kahili King

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