Bone Breathing

Bone Breathing is the ancient Taoist tradition that brings forth good health and reduced stress. While you might not have heard of bone breathing before it is something that could really benefit you. It is something many have practiced throughout the years and is exactly what it sounds like it would be.

Bone breathing is basically a process in which someone breathes as deeply as possible in the hopes of it actually reaching their bones. There are several different methods to this and not all are going to work for everyone, you have to find the one that works best for you. This is an ancient practice that can relieve you of stress and is thought to benefit the health of those who partake.

How To Practice Bone Breathing:

The bone breathing technique allows us to ingest large amounts of this vital energy or ‘prana’. We can use this energy to stay healthy, get motivated, strengthen our sense of purpose, and generally become more powerful.

Before you begin this exercises I suggest that you consult your Doctor; if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart problems, or are at risk for aneurysms, then I suggest you talk to him before you start.

In order to begin let us imagine that the air around you and the air that fills up your lungs is actually a kind of light, you can think of this vital energy as a type of vapor or gas that is slightly thicker than the typical air around you. With this imaginative construction in mind, try to fill your lungs completely from bottom to top, just like the glass fills with water. Then try to empty out your lungs completely, just like a glass, from top to bottom. This is correct breathing and how you should be breathing all the time.

Keep that imaginative construction of the vital vapor or “prana’ in mind, it will teach you how to begin to use this ‘prana’ properly and will allow you to develop your own imaginative ideas on how to move this force through your body. I am certain that you will feel incredibly revitalized after breathing like this for a while.

In order to do bone breathing, you must begin to channel this vital energy throughout your body. Bone breathing is mostly concerned with sucking in that vital energy through different parts of the body and is therefore used while inhaling.

To begin imagine that you are breathing through the bones in your arms; think of your arm bones as being giant sponges that suck in the vital ‘prana’ through the force of your inhale. As you do this you can imagine that there is a bit of resistance because the bones in your arms are thicker and therefore harder to breathe through than your throat. Imagine sucking in the vital energy through your arm bones and filling your lungs from bottom to top just like before.

When your lungs are completely filled, you can exhaled in a quick sigh and either stop there or begin to inhale again and repeat the process.

If you have done this correctly, your arms should feel almost tingly, your blood pressure will have gone up, and you will feel more alert and energized. Now try to do the same breathing through the bones of your legs. Do this for about 10 breaths and relax for a while.

Try next to do 10 breaths through the bones on your back and then take a break for a little while. Try 10 breaths through the bones in your skull and take your brake. Finally, try to do this breath technique by breathing in through every pore in your body for 10 breaths. After this completed routine you should feel amazingly strong, and light as a feather. Keep practicing and developing your technique; the key is to combine your imagination and your breathing in order to be able to suck up huge quantities of this vital energy that is all around you.

Basically, this technique allows you to get rid of all of the negative energies surrounding you and bring forth positivity. It is something that we should all do several times each day or at least five times a week if possible. If you are a person that tends to hold onto stress this might really make a big difference for you. Taoist masters even believed this could regenerate bone marrow.


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