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Sleep Positions

Did you know that when you sleep you place your hands on the parts of the body that require healing?

  • Above your head – you seek greater spiritual connection.
  • On your chest – you have feelings that you still need to heal.
  • Stomach – anger and furious feelings.
  • Between your legs – fear, feelings of emptiness.
  • Sex organs or near them – sexual problems and lack of expression.
  • Under your pillow – hidden emotions, not showing what we really feel or our true intentions.
  • Hugging yourself – lack of affection or support from your loved ones.
  • Shoulders – exhaustion, lack of energy.
  • The hands between your head and the pillow – there is tranquility within you.

If you don’t place your hands on your body while sleeping it means you are fine and in peace with yourself. If you hug your partner, It means nothing but the love you have for them.

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