A Cool Collection of Interesting Bags

The Armadillo Bag

Very nifty bag made from pop can pull tabs!

Ok, so this one is a little bit disturbing…

It’s not a hand bag, it’s a hen bag… LOL

A clever idea… a purse made from a license plate!

Awww. it’s a cute puppy purse!

The Eiffel Tower handbag. Super cool.

This one is fun…

A super cool guitar hand bag. Wow.

A thick shag bag.

The keyboard bag. Interesting!

Wow… these are onion bags… or are they purses… or are they boxes… I’m not really sure.

A teapot purse. Cute!

A super smart rubics cube bag. Neato!

Very artistic! Called the Goddess bag.

Love love love this one!

Covered with stamps… very cool bag especially if you’re a collector.

Very sleek and designer looking!


A frog purse… cute and grumpy at the same time!

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