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Jackals vs Vultures

Jackals and Vultures survive on carrion, and sometimes come into savage competition for a meal. Sharp talons and ferocious beaks versus strong jaws and pointy teeth, the battles can be vicious, violent confrontations.

The carcass was put out for the vultures so that visitors to the Giants Castle Nature Reserve could view them closer, but the vultures were far too late by the time they arrived as the jackals had already claimed it. And it looks like the Jackals won this round.

Not all the fighting looks this simple and tidy. More often, a huge crowd shows up to claim the carrion, and it’s loud, rowdy, and dusty, as you can see from the following photos.

When it’s one on one, the Jackal and Vulture seem to be evenly matched in size, savagery, and vicious determination.

But, with vultures, there’s never just the one!

Sometimes, even with reinforcements, the Vultures win the meal.

But there are days when a Jackal gets the upper hand.


Beautiful Beaches That Glow In The Dark

Greek philosopher Anaximenes is thought to have made the first report of marine bioluminescence. This was back in circa 500 C.E., when he saw an inexplicable glow as his oar cut through the water at night. Modern scientific explanations describe the phenomenon as a type of chemiluminescence born when light-releasing luciferin generated by organisms interreacts with oxygen. In most, if not all, cases this reaction is accelerated by the presence of a luciferase enzyme.

Marine creatures, insects, algae, bacteria and fungi all produce the magical glow that is bioluminescence; and different species do so for different reasons – including disguise, communication, for lighting and as lure. Bacteria and fungi usually shine constantly during phases of bioluminescence, while algae and marine animals give off intermittent light. One of the most widely observed forms of the phenomenon is caused by dinoflagellates, a type of phytoplankton.

Wedding Dresses Gone Wild

Here’s a cool collection of over the top wedding dresses! Enjoy!

This one is made of paper.

A wedding gown made from peacock feathers? Wowsers!

This wedding gown was made from recycled plastic bags… interesting!

The plastic bottle wedding gown that no one can wear… I guess you just stand under it?

This wedding gown was made from paper towels… very absorbent, I would assume.

I don’t even know what to say about this one..

The bride elected not to wear white, but hey it’s a beautiful dress I think.

A wedding gown made of flowers. Pretty!

This wedding dress looks kind of odd. Not sure what’s up with it.

Balloons.. a wedding dress made of balloons… I’m speechless!

The wiffleball wedding dress that only the manikin was brave enough to try on!

Another strange design.

Hmmm… a dropcloth and plastic bag wedding gown.

This wedding dress with the flowers on the outside is actually very pretty.

This dress is billed as the world’s heaviest wedding gown… probably because of that ridiculously puffy and long train!

Hello Kitty! Cute.

Another super long train on a wedding gown…

The wedding dress made from newspapers…

It’s in a gallery, so probably never worn in a wedding, this wedding dress is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Interesting… and probably unbelievably hard to walk around while wearing it.

I saved the best for last… how’s this for a totally over the top wedding dress? Where’s the groom going to stand I wonder…

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