Sorry… Not Sorry

I’m sorry I tried to sacrifice you to SATAN???

Nothing says sorry as well as cake!

Sorry you suck at Everything

Sorry I set you on FIRE

Sorry I kicked your lunchbox and almost ran you over with my car.

I’m sorry I projectile vomited all over your apartment and cat.


Worry I slept with your DAD!

Sorry I threw a live snake at you.

Sorry about the crabs

Sorry I cut your penis!


Sorry, I think I might have peed in your dryer by accident.

Sorry I grabbed ur dick and said “pull the lever Kronk”

I’m sorry for being a psycho bitch

The Zhuhai Penis

From the always interesting ESWN, in Zhuhai city in Guangdong Province, a man built a 5 meter tall penis that weighs more than 5 tons. Here is the image:

After the story had been circulated around the internet, the owner got so many calls from angry netizens (I hate that term) that he “had the statue moved inside a family planning shop away from the public space.”

Where NOT to WHAT?

Here we have an illustrated guide of where NOT to stick your penis… just in case… you didn’t know!

  • Toaster
  • Crab
  • Electric Fence
  • Fan
  • Hot Soup
  • Key Hole
  • Vampire
  • Acid
  • Train Tracks
  • Your Mate’s Beer
  • My Sister
  • Your Sister
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