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Where NOT to WHAT?

Here we have an illustrated guide of where NOT to stick your penis… just in case… you didn’t know!

  • Toaster
  • Crab
  • Electric Fence
  • Fan
  • Hot Soup
  • Key Hole
  • Vampire
  • Acid
  • Train Tracks
  • Your Mate’s Beer
  • My Sister
  • Your Sister

Politically Incorrect Baby Shirts

All daddy wanted was a blowjob

Lock up your daughters.

They shake me!

Daddy drinks because I cry

I’m not a boy!

contents under pressure

I cry when ugly people hold me.

I tore Mommy a new one

Daddy’s lil’ Squirt

damn, I’m cute!

Level 1 Human… LOL

my first metal shirt

my parents met online

I pity the fool who makes me cry

back off, I’m teething

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