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Creepy Isn’t It?

It’s devil’s hand fungi that has passed it’s prime.

It doesn’t come out of the ground looking all white, dead and zombiefied. Here’s what it looks like when it comes out of the ground.

The scientific name is Octopus stinkhorn or Clathrus archeri

It’s easy to imagine that the devils hands are reaching up out of the ground to grab you and pull you straight into hellfire and damnation, isn’t it?

A Bear Sleeping Bag

How fun is this? It’s a sleeping bag that looks like a bear!

From the designer:

This is a greatest sleeping bag. You can wear it to sleep when you go camping. It is safe that no bear will attack your camp and eat you? Or you just want to wear it, and then scare your friend when he(she) wake up in the morning.(a good idea!) Well made and Cool!

By artist Eiko Ishizawa.

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