Creepy Stuff

Creepy Isn’t It?

It’s devil’s hand fungi that has passed it’s prime.

It doesn’t come out of the ground looking all white, dead and zombiefied. Here’s what it looks like when it comes out of the ground.

The scientific name is Octopus stinkhorn or Clathrus archeri

It’s easy to imagine that the devils hands are reaching up out of the ground to grab you and pull you straight into hellfire and damnation, isn’t it?

Creepy Victorian Portraits In Motion

Wowsers! I wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark hallway of a haunted mansion!

This one has a nice little creep factor… youth and death!

Gives me the creeps just looking at it! Yikes!

A little more subtle, but weird nonetheless.

Ok, that’s hilarious!

Mother Jones:
Definitely a witch!

Happy New Year Creepy Victorian Style

We come to wish you all a bright new year…


What could be more festive than
childlike angel jockeys riding bats???


Here’s a good one… how about…
A Joyous New Year
where giant bees chase the children !!


This isn’t creepy at all… LOL
a large tuber with a red umbrella, boots, bringing a letter that says
“I wish you a happy new year.”


I totally love a big bug for New Years!


January 1st in Dreamland
How’s this for a Happy New Year!
More like a little too happy New Year’s Eve!


Compliments of the Season? Seriously?


I don’t know what disturbs me about this one…
maybe it’s the naked girl in the glass?
Or is it the creepy elf men?


Waiting To Greet You…
This is a very sinister New Years greeting card for sure!


And then there’s this unsettling image…
The verse that goes with is is kind of fun though:

Like a spritely young fellow the New Year Comes in
To dance at the wake of the Old
Hooroo to ye boys… may the good times begin,
For the young uns may think me bold;
But who’ere has the luck to receive me thus clad
In the garb of a true Irish boy
Shall be blessed with good cheer each day of the year,
For the bad luck I’m here to destroy.

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