Wedding Dresses Gone Wild

Here’s a cool collection of over the top wedding dresses! Enjoy!

This one is made of paper.

A wedding gown made from peacock feathers? Wowsers!

This wedding gown was made from recycled plastic bags… interesting!

The plastic bottle wedding gown that no one can wear… I guess you just stand under it?

This wedding gown was made from paper towels… very absorbent, I would assume.

I don’t even know what to say about this one..

The bride elected not to wear white, but hey it’s a beautiful dress I think.

A wedding gown made of flowers. Pretty!

This wedding dress looks kind of odd. Not sure what’s up with it.

Balloons.. a wedding dress made of balloons… I’m speechless!

The wiffleball wedding dress that only the manikin was brave enough to try on!

Another strange design.

Hmmm… a dropcloth and plastic bag wedding gown.

This wedding dress with the flowers on the outside is actually very pretty.

This dress is billed as the world’s heaviest wedding gown… probably because of that ridiculously puffy and long train!

Hello Kitty! Cute.

Another super long train on a wedding gown…

The wedding dress made from newspapers…

It’s in a gallery, so probably never worn in a wedding, this wedding dress is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Interesting… and probably unbelievably hard to walk around while wearing it.

I saved the best for last… how’s this for a totally over the top wedding dress? Where’s the groom going to stand I wonder…

Flower Beards?

Beards, the ultimate symbol of masculinity, are getting a floral makeover.

Ok… I know this is old news… dating back to 2015, I think… actually, I’m not sure because I can’t remember where I found this info. However! It’s new to me… so here ya go!

Men have been decorating their beards with flowers and plants and then sharing photos of their makeovers online. The earliest photos of these bearded men are from the seventies.

About two years ago, Utah florist and hobby photographer Sarah Winward started decorating the beard of her husband, David, with flowers. She took a series of stills and posted them to her blog in January 2013.

Now flower beards are everywhere, and the idea of using your beard as accessory has taken off. The Tumblr “Will It Beard,” in which a man tries to decorate his beard with everything from Lego bricks to cheese puffs, got 15,000 likes in a few days.

Sara Gold McBride, a Berkeley PHD student who is studying the connection between facial hair and power in history, describes it as a light-hearted protest against barefaced authority.

Creepy Isn’t It?

It’s devil’s hand fungi that has passed it’s prime.

It doesn’t come out of the ground looking all white, dead and zombiefied. Here’s what it looks like when it comes out of the ground.

The scientific name is Octopus stinkhorn or Clathrus archeri

It’s easy to imagine that the devils hands are reaching up out of the ground to grab you and pull you straight into hellfire and damnation, isn’t it?

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